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It’s only the ‘end of summer’ in terms of the cultural calendar, not the scientific one (or the weather-based one.) And this photo has been used around here before. It seems relevant, so it’s being used again.

Hopefully, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves by laying claim to such a lofty title. But we are the only assholes on the internet willing to have an ender on a two-stair (spoiler alert!), so it’s probably true. This one is for the token embittered New Yorkers upset about watching skateboarding on a daily basis that doesn’t involve three-up, three-down or Matthew Mooney this past August. Strangely enough, it might not even be a “real” Quarternacks clip because there is no midtown footage in it. But Soho seems to be the new midtown. Just with a lot more women. Everyone went out of their way to make the filming particularly bad. Anything that’s not filmed terribly is filmed by contributors Justin White, Paulgar, and Jeremy Elkin.

Mandatory warning label: Involves Waka Flocka for 35 seconds (we already apologized for this), NPBS, slow motion (used appropriately of course), Paulgar, and camo pants.

Features Switch Michael Strobert, some idiot in a fur, Matthew Mooney, Black Dave, Kurt Havens, Paulgar, Tyler Tufty, Danny Weiss, Ty Lyons, Dennis Feliciano, Josh Velez, DJ Roctakon, Galen Dekemper, Billy making it rain, Miles Marquez, Geo Moya, Torey Goodall, Kevin Tierney, Pryce Holmes.

Have a safe, and possibly irresponsible long holiday weekend.

Vimeo / YouTube / End of Summer 2010 – Direct Download [45MB / 4:25]


  1. All of the quartersnacks clips on a cheaply made DVD with minimal packaging for around 10 dollars would be great…

    Goodall killing it

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