Three Up, Three Down

Theotis Beasley – Backside Flip at the Wall Street Gap – Photos by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

The crew got a bit bigger, so it became necessary to make a round of stops on the Downtown circuit, the one with all the name brand spots that people fly here from all over the world for, only to find themselves terribly disappointed. The Chinatown Double-Set yielded a crew of non-skate-friendly Red China supporters, you get kicked out of the Courthouse pretty quickly these days (probably because companies started bribing the security there into being more aggressive with kick outs, in hopes of diminishing one-up possibilities of prominent two-page spread advertisements), it’s always good to stop by Black Hubba and remind yourself that the stairs there are actually pretty decent as well, and the C.I.A. Ledge has gotten the official, Barcelonian seal of approval as “The Best Ledge in New York.”

If you follow this site, you’ll notice that we pretty much skate none of these spots. Partially because they are in immense physical commitment, part because they’re boring unless the right people skate them, and also because when you pass by something every weekend for ten years, you start to get kind of bummed on it, and want to demand your “space.” It’s the sort of thing that marriages fall apart over after seemingly going so well. C.I.A. Ledge, of course, is the main exception to this statement though.

To bring the footage in these clips down to the QS level, we had to skate some routine QS spots. Places that nobody in their right mind ever bothers stopping at, like the Fat Alberts Ledge, that stupid highway divider to hill in the last QS clip, or the beloved three-up three-down. Apparently, there is an Eastern European patrol man there now that intended on making it in the UFC, but took a wrong turn and wound up in the Parks Department.

Clip and additional photos embedded after the jump. Had to take a page from the book of World Star for the branding, which might become a common practice due to goons (probably also in Eastern Europe) pulling jack-moves on the clips. If we’re trying to become the World Star of skateboarding, we’re going to have to take more cues from their practices.

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  1. Alright, this shit (except for Lebron and Amrani) is starting to really suck compared to the normal QS crew. Now it’s just tourists being flown in and shown boring shit so they can do their stock tricks there–no one actually likes this kind of footage except for Nike employees (geeks and roaches) and salivating fat kids.

  2. im glad someone cares for the quartersnacks crews skating, but these guys are killing it.

  3. .i already kno each one of them could throw tres in and out of anything, not really surprising. id much rather see how theses kids interact with the hood. post that.

  4. Dear dude with a dot as your username AKA “.” –

    I promise to make an extra ignorant clip, just for you, after all this is done. I apologize for posting footage of talented skateboarders skating actual skate spots in New York and not the Berrics on a daily basis, I know it must be hard to deal with, and you have my sincerest apologies.

    I’ll ensure that it is edited to Waka Flaka or Roscoe Dash, has Miles skating in camo pants, a Switch Mike cameo, and more three-up-three-down footage than you know what to do with.

    And if you don’t find something quietly hilarious (and awesome) about Theotis, Black Dave, and Al Davis all backside flipping the same gap, there is something wrong with you.

  5. I actually enjoy every second of these clips. It’s all fun man, and no I’m not a salivating fat kid nor Nike employee nor a roach.
    And thanks to Zach Malfa Kowalski for the quality photos

  6. word I haven’t seen so many specials since the late 90’s on my game console. the crackhead is the most QS of the lot. oh yea and homie who skates with the broken board that’s tight. But all these techy tricks first try, is what QS crew films but then edits out with their artistic license. that’s why it takes them so long to come out with clips. caint hardly wait for the new york noseslides to get back on the scene. what i mean is cant we tivo through this ad? how come nike part is filmed on a cannon? are they donating a hd cam and a few dollys?

  7. at least these guys ( well some ) dont vibe you out like the green diamond faggots. Fuck those fools

  8. Yeah commenters! That miserable Ny-er attitude is soooooo cool and authentic. A sure fire way to be a 42 years old bar back.

    Keep doing your thing qs. Fuck the haters get money.

  9. keep doing your thing QS i love the site! and i check it out every single day!

  10. Im actually not even a nike fan Im against the company in skating for the most part, but the skaters in the shoes were fucking killing it, don’t attack them just for being skilled, they killed it im guessing your one of the skaters out her on the east coast who give us a bad name. Guessiing you can only do front shuvs but you say it takes skill cuz its “east coast”. c’mon bro, really!? 0.o

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