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Loose Trucks Max – Back Noseblunt at the Courthouse – Photo by Jordan Zuppa – Click to Enlarge

Loose Trucks Max is the best New York skater that you may have not heard about. Largely because he doesn’t utilize the pivot-cup technology that has been fairly standard in skateboards throughout the past few decades, meaning that if he kicks his board out at a moderate pace, it will rattle on its own, kind of like kingpin-about-to-break feeling, except without a person on it. Footage of Max is hard to come by, but here’s an older part from an Ohio video that includes perhaps the greatest trick to ever occur at Slappie Cove, in the form of a backside 5050 360 out (if you don’t know what Slappie Cove is, it’s a two-inch high curb, it should probably be on the spots section.) And here’s another Flip Cam clip set to a Jeezy song I forgot about, featuring the Courthouse back noseblunt footage, in addition to a pretty insane scooter trick. I can’t tell which one is more inspiring.

Hollywood opted out of going to Prada parties and playing it low-key at Teddy’s, as he has grown accustomed to doing since he became a sought-after celebrity (supposedly Yaje and Miley Cyrus were spotted together at a popular Hollywood cafe not-too-long ago), and went on a short, rather local, trip throughout Pennsylvania. Here’s a clip from the trip, featuring the first Jake Johnson footage of 2010 (360 flip noseslide on a curb!) and some lovely ladies popping off at a Texaco.

And real quick…

You can’t skate at the Museum of Natural History anymore, or at least until Fall 2011, all depending on how the plaza restoration goes.

Ziggy got sandblasted.

There are new Newport Benches on the Westside. Complete with a high-risk of losing your board in the Hudson due to the fact that there is absolutely no fence bordering the park and the river on the opposite side of them. Someone on drugs should ollie into the water.

Bricks on aisle nine, pills on aisle four, weed on aisle one.

Dallas > Seattle

If you throw up on the street, you’re public property.” – Neal

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