Thursday Night Footage Round-Up

A lot of big things happened today — Bridgeport got shook by a massive thunderstorm, soccer goons got a 48 hour head start on drinking for Saturday’s game, Beanie Sigel tried to attract attention to himself once again by dissing Jay-Z (and mentioning that he will slap Drake if they ever happen to be in the same room, which would be absolutely priceless footage, but like 98% of things that rappers say, it’ll never happen), etc. But none of that is going to be discussed here.

So, before you’re off to celebrate the 80-percent completion of the work week with a cold Peroni, a password (JUST KIDDING!), and an impending hangover, here is a round-up of several entertainment bits discovered on the internet in the past several days. Also, make sure to punch that one token friend you have in the face. You know, the asshole that slept outside for a cell phone last night and won’t stop talking about it for the next week. Copping a Nextel for the summer.

The most important thing comes first.

The unbelievable negligence of the hip-hop journalism at hand in this interview prevents it from being a true classic. How can you not ask her a favorite song? I’m sure it would’ve been something sick, like “Brick Party,” “I’m a Dog,” or “My Rims Dancin’.” What about a favorite mixtape? The Writing on the Wall? The Movie 3-D? Maybe she’s into the classics and bumps Chicken Talk screwed and chopped.

This might be the realest non-Miley related thing on the internet right now. Are you mad cause you’re hating? Or hating because you’re mad? Rob’s a renaissance man.

A retrospective video via Jimmy Marketti. Tons of incriminating footage in this thing, including an Osiris Hoody Era Kevin Tierney, Hollywood before he went, well, hollywood, Bahn-do handboarding, and an ensemble of other childhood antics. Includes footage of Quartersnacks C.E.O., the *real* Bahn. “Does anyone have an extra truck around?”

Flipcam footage via Zered Basset. Water Street, 12th & A, Tompkins, Rockaway, and Worldstar-esque hood fights.


  1. Miley just said that cause she wants to be “hip” with niggas.
    Little kid humor has never been funny.
    Rob Campbell should be a pro bmxer and get that bmx money.
    I would smash the girl in the pink and white.

  2. Hillside Avenue and like 164th i think in Jamaica queens, and no, that neighborhood is diverse and chill,

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