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Given this site’s undying love for Midtown Manhattan, the region’s plan B spot strip (plan A clearly being Sixth Avenue) has underwent some significant changes that need to be discussed. The black marble banks across from the former home of Bear Stearns (rest in peace!), on 47th Street and Park Avenue have been completely leveled and torn out of the ground, with the exception of one long strip on the interior portion of the sidewalk. There’s a fence at the top of the lip, so it’s pretty much useless, unless you’re trying to rig a quick ollie-up flip trick on it.

The good news is, they built some new stuff here, and best of all, it’s the sort of thing that people are going to be getting murdered on all throughout the summer. There are two “planters” that enclose two grates, and each one is about four feet high. Assuming that you’re not Rob Campbell, and incapable of skating such obstacles from flat, they act as attractive ledge to ledge gaps. The ledges are only about a foot-and-a-half wide up top, so it is probably a million times safer to do a gap to grind or slide than a flip trick, because you know, you might die trying to kickflip onto something that’s only twice as wide as your board. I’m sure Kevin Tierney will do a gap to back lip on it by the end of the weekend.

If you’re a FedEx fan, or visiting for the summer from some far off land full of schoolyards and not accustomed to shitty New York spots (what up P-Rod!), there’s some construction going on over there that has yielded significantly longer allowances of time on the recently re-liberated six-stair ledge. It is guaranteed to be that one spot that everyone who comes here for Manny Mania and shit during the summer tries a trick on. It’s already claimed a few casualties (“Kevin went down like a bag of bricks off the Empire State Building.” – Watermelon Alex), so, you know, take it easy on the wax. As you probably figured out by now, the construction prevents you from skating the stairs on the 47th Street side sequentially, but the blockade seems like it is temporary, and only there to isolate a bunch of generators.

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