One Less Chance at Becoming Famous

A grim forecast for everyone’s favorite Sixth Avenue ledge over stairs. This thing was always a death trap on the low, but it is one less chance at scoring yourself a magazine cover before retirement. But who the hell knows what they’re doing, the wall’s only around the ledge, not the rest of the plaza nevermind, the wall’s around everything in the plaza except some of the open space, so all signs tend to indicate a full on renovation of the plaza.

More photos after the jump.


  1. “The standout attraction of the Queens Museum of Art is a 9,335 square foot model of New York (yes, it includes those other four boroughs), that was built in 1964 by Robert Moses for the World’s Fair. It has the full city grid on it, and 895,000 individual structures updated up to 1992. Some family that owns some sort of basketball team is holding some contest nobody has ever heard of in Flushing Meadows this coming weekend, and in honor of that event, the panorama is going to be decked out and marked with over one-hundred skate spots found throughout the city, by exact pin-point location.”

  2. ….or one more reason to eek out of midtown and skate something else.

  3. I go to ICP and they’re just destroying the building in the back. The ledge should be fine.

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