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Billy Rohan has been posting even more photos from Iraq over on his blog, that include visits to Saddam’s Palace, a Blackhawk ride, Miami handrail replicas, and a tour of the Iraqi 12th & A.

KCDC made a video featuring Danny Falla, Rob Gonyon, Bill Pierce, Derek Ziemkiewicz, Black Dave, Corey Rubin, and Shawn Powers. You can watch the artistically inclined trailer here.

Official Pre-2k release date is July 10, 2010, not June 25th. Review here.

Although no more lame than the “I Love Haters” graphic that can be seen on everyone from leading Pharell impersonators to Jersey Shore castmember siblings, something about DGK’s latest endeavor, “I Love Biters,” doesn’t quite sound right.

Stay Stackin’ is a Jersey-based website that has been putting out pretty great video clips for a minute, but the latest one is particularly impressive, part due to the wonderful soundtrack choice, and partially because it features a Hartford tailslide that Marquez got murdered on two years ago. That spot (the ledge to bank that is in there on several occasions) is one of the greatest examples of video footage not doing justice to a spot that seems to pervade an overwhelming amount of spots in the Northeast.

Cam, Juelz, and Jimmy are making music together again. Nobody cares that much, due to the fact that all parts of the Diplomat equation not named Cameron kinda suck now, but if you do care…

How to Get Out of Jury Duty — Kanye West Edition

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  1. you IS fucked up… cuz im tryan to get this shit poppin and you out here talkin about these skateboarding flipety flaps i dont fuck witht hat that shit homo whats good?

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