Gone So Long

The QS3 companion piece. The spring collective. The-skating-in-SoHo-at-2-AM-and-getting-eggs-thrown-at-you documentary. The tradition of dirty lenses. Doing this for Memorial Day weekend, whether you’re spending it on your board, at your grill, or in Seaside Heights with the homie, The Situation. The 48 hours promise was a bit off, but you know how that goes. There’s another one around the corner (ok, well maybe not around the corner, but a few blocks down. So if I have footage of you, and it’s not in here, it’ll be in the next one. You know who you are.)

Miles Marquez, Josh Velez, Pad Dowd, Galen Dekemper, Matthew Mooney, Jerry Mraz, Jason LeCras, Justin White, Ben Nazario, Thando Beschta, Brian Clarke, & Watermelon Alex.

Contributing camera-holders: Justin White & Jake Hanly.

Quote of the Week:Some guy slipped me a $20 bill to play ‘O Let’s Do It’ last Wednesday.” – Canadian Connor

Download link and embedded clip after the jump.

Vimeo / YouTube / Snack or Die 3 – Direct Download [73.4MB / 4:29]


  1. Ok, after that, you definitely need to post the story behind that photo… that’s Supreme right?

  2. A tip of the hat.

    Proof that you can make a good NYC clip without the same, overblown spots.

  3. That shit was crack!! And it was in a nutshell! And the last song was “Broken Safety” by Raekwon feat. Jadakiss and Styles P off the “Only Built for Cuban Linx II” album (y’all beat me to it, I was gonna add that to a video, too).

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