12 Days of Quotes-mas


Taking a day or two off from the countdown. Will be back on the 26th.

1. “It’s almost 2010, that flannel shit needs to die out.” – Roctakon

2. “What’s that website again? Quarter skate?” – The Detective in charge of the Jake Johnson case from September

3. Chris Brown [attempting to get into Supreme after closing time]: “Yo, I just want to buy one thing, real quick.
Geo Moya: “Sorry Chris, not today.

4. The Beady Eyed Gangster: “Moya, can we talk man to man?
Geo Moya: “No, if we’re going to talk, it’s going to be man to boy.

6. “That guy has a Mexican girlfriend, he’s biting my steez.” – Matthew Mooney

7. Inquisitive Gentleman: “Have you seen that new skatepark at McCaren Park?
E.J.: “Yeah, I’d rather skate Tompkins all day.

8. “I’m working at Jamba Juice on 59th Street making that legal money.”Little Matt

9. “That’s when you know it’s hood. They don’t even have iPod headphones out here. Just the ones with the fuzzy ears from the nineties.” – T-Bird upon entering the Greenville section of Jersey City

10. Galen Dekemper: “Whatever, England isn’t even a real country.
Drunk girls in front of Corner Bistro at 4 a.m.: “We’re Australian.
Galen Dekemper: “Ugh, that’s even worse.

11. “Yo, you’re from Germany bro? Bro, Germany is the fuckin’ shit! That’s one of my favorite cities. Germany is like one of the best fucking cities on earth bro.” – Guido on the Corner of 14th Street & Ninth Avenue.

12. “Cuisine in Italy is the shit that sustained fascism.” – Barry Livan

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And from the QS Rap Desk — Clifford’s coming home for Christmas!


  1. the whole fucking sites an inside joke that’s why people are absolutley in love with it or hate it

  2. Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! Treat yourself to some new bearings! You deserve it! Keep pushin! Don’t trust a ho ho hoooo…

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