Mind Field: The Quarter Snacks Edit


After many rave reviews following the circulation of the video on DVD-Rs, it is finally on the internet by popular demand.

Download from Mega Upload You need to sit through about 45-seconds before the link for a regular download appears, but it should download just as quickly as the Sendspace link.

I cannot put it up on Youtube because the majority of the music on it is copyrighted by Warner Brothers, who essentially has Youtube and Google video in a chokehold and disables the audio on pretty much any remotely popular song. And since I am not going to use the old excuse of “rights are hard to get so I’m just going to edit the whole video to Animal Collective and singlehandedly the worst rap song ever since they are so down for the cause,” we opted for other, lesser known hosting sites. Once again, you are much better off simply downloading the Quicktime file of the video from the links above.

But if you insist, an embedded video is after the jump.

New, cleaner, *REMASTERED* upload:


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  2. best part of dylan reider’s line is that he’s wearing a wifebeater with those robin hood shoes

  3. cant front that shit was funny but ya’ll 35centsnack niggas got a lot of time on your hands….good shit tho..

  4. my footage was the best footage in the heaths part and the whole video. best frontside flips in the east nigga, and if you don’t believe me, i’ll fuck you up.

  5. the funny thing about this site is that you guys prove that NYC skaters get no where.
    Unlike me who was born and raised in brooklyn.
    i took jazz for 7 years, roger at me!

  6. Yah…. I had questions about you guys before, but after seeing this I’ve gotta conclude that you’re the tightest motherfuckers ever!!!

  7. Will Pierce didn’t read his own interview where he talks about living and growing up in NJ…ill edit of mindfield.


  9. im sorry Autumn 666 made a typo.
    they meant living and growing up on N7 Bedford Ave.

  10. This Quartersnacks business is a little too hyped on themselves. One moment; Bill Paxton is calling, we’re going bowling.

  11. “Papa, you one of these wanna be street cred folks, who is actually from some white bread town in Cali, whose parents pay 30 grand for them to study art at New School????? LOL”

    I’m pretty sure that this is description of NECK FACE circa 2002, I saw one of his “hairy arms” in Williamsburg and thought “Toy”; the rest is history. Grab them Vans and a Baker deck…

  12. wow you guys are so damn homo. funny part is i bet you can’t even skate, just sitting around and talking shit all day because you can’t do anything else.

    Are you sure you don’t want to just kill yourselves instead? That might work out better for you than re-editing skate films.

    “Gay” is what you should change this sites name to you fucking jokes

  13. yo the dude who just said some bull shit like we just re editing videos… is a faggot… and i say quarter snacks will nollie flip on ya scalp… nigga holla at me.. 12th and A NIGGA ALL DAY..we got them hammers next to the deck like its nothing.. shot guns with scopes.. check my resume… nothing but hitman jobs…. and retail to cover it up… pop off.. all day…SNACKMAN.

  14. Ryan Hickey does anyone know how old he is, I believe I know him just wondering if he’s the ryan hickey who has 3 sister’s and two brother’s all younger then him their first names starts with J,M,T,C,C his mom and dad with C&J.

  15. Making fun of Greg Hunt’s artsy stuff was fucked up but the rest of it is a laugh.

  16. I get to be the first hater of Twenty-ten, face bitches, you guys were afraid to re-edit Grant Taylor’s part?! What’s up with that? And what about
    Berra? Isn’t he the man of the hour with his gay skatepark known as thebairies.com. That is a mix of Berra and Fairies because that site is as gay as the town it is in. Holla!! How about some re-edit bonus footy bitches!!

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