A Quarter Snacks Christmas


This year, the Christmas clip features Leo Gutman, Keith Denley, Jake Johnson, Brendan Granstrand, Billy Rohan, DJ Roctakon, Thando Beschta, Miles Marquez, Matthew Mooney, Kevin Tierney, Ty Lyons, Pryce Holmes, Charles Lamb, Benjamin Nazario, Danny Weiss (!), Todd Jordan, Taji Ameen, Ryan Hickey and Switch Michael Strobert Sr. Contributed footage by Brengar, Justin White and Jeremy Scott Cohan.

Unfortunatley, we were unable to top the almost nine-minute mark of last year’s clip, largely due to weather related reasons, i.e. the fact that it snowed in December for the first time in about five years (or maybe I’m exagerrating). We still managed to pull of one last emergency session last night in upper-twenty degrees. I think there are less frontside shove-its in this clip than there were in last year’s. Shame.

Have a happy and safe Christmas.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [58.7MB / 7:31]


  1. Danny tribute is seriously the best minn of skate video i’ve seen all fucking year. 50 and shalamar, are you kidding me? the editing and shit Kosta you a genious man, im not playing, this shit is insane…

  2. this year is going to be as shitty as the last one because of all you young fucking bitch fags. back in the early 90s we would be beating up faggots like you while we skated faster at better spots in midtown.

  3. when is mike g pro model coming out?
    why isn’t flipmode video being uploaded?
    Green Diamond video??

  4. yaje popson looks like that bitch from that juno movie.
    less of his adolescent girl face on the skateboard blogosphere please.

  5. Some1 go to 109 Crosby Street and tell all those fucken posers 2 stop lining up and dont think about coming back and never go in 2 Supreme again…Or else they will be severly beaten with a Skateboard..

  6. ya man evey1 that skates and is around on weds. shud go beat the shit at everyone lining up….They dont even know Supreme is a skateshop

  7. It aint in case you didn’t know. I would say it could be classified as a dills riding shop. Ask Ryan Hickey.

  8. thats what you fools get. trying to be cool guy and trying to make money for non skaters from herb kids. line em up. haha

  9. tucci could ollie over yaje popson. in a line. and then back 5050 a neck high ledge.

  10. can someone tell me why majority of the male skateboarder specimen are always complete shitheads?

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