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The best video parts of the year are as follows: 1. Ben Nazario in Dos Sandias 2. Little Chris in Dos Sandias 3. Alex Mosley in Dos Sandias 4. Jake Johnson in Dos Sandias 5. Danny Weiss’ line in Dos Sandias

In all seriousness, the new Watermelon video is great. There are no handrails or grass gaps. No flashy editing or stupid titles. Just 100% street skating and a culmination of what skating in the city is actually like. On top of everything, it is a perfect example of how spot choices can really enhance the enjoyability of a video. This one is bound to send a few people to the Spots board on Official New York. Above all, it contains a line at Lenox Ledges that does not involve skating the ledges.

Copies should be available in the near future. I’ve been put in charge of distribution, so the two places they will inevitably be are Autumn and this website.

While on the topic of videos, the 2nd Nature video is available at Autumn for $8. Contains Brian Brown’s third part this past year, and Jose Pereyra’s anticipated part, which surpasses what you would typically expect from a shop video. All in all, its a solid 25-minutes of skating, without any nonsense sprinkled between.

Speaking of which, Ty Evans is a jerk for the way he put together Lucas Puig’s part in the Cliché remix video. Anybody who says they enjoyed it, or “appreciated” it is a liar. It is never a good sign when you start to fast forward past somebody’s intro, only to realize that the entire part is in slow motion once the credits start to roll and you’re still fast forwarding.

The best eBay auction ever if you’re a fan of 90s skateboarding.

..and for the record, Nas is officially the worst.


  1. nas’ last album had some good beats and noone cant say his old stuff wasnt good, one of the best rappers alive

  2. its like kanye touched nas …but dam when you make an album like illmatic , you can rock a purple used condom on your head ………and still get mad props …..

  3. letting formerly great rapprs like nas ride on their accomplishments from over a decade ago as a testament to their greatness is the main reason new york rap sucks right now. i bet if he pulled this shit back in 96 when his sophmore album dropped no real heads would fuck with him. now all you guys do is just mention his album from what? 14 years ago? and let this shit slide. shit like this is why i can’t fuck with rap anymore like i used to when i was younger. nas’ album is a bunch of “black” bullshit that people are giving him credit for.. you know why he did it? GEE POTENTIAL BLACK PRESIDENT.. BETTER MAKE USE OF IT.. MAKE AN ALBUM ABOUT BLACK EMPOWERMENT. and all you fags ride his dick when x-clan, p.e., and dead prez been doing the same shit nas did on this album for damn near two decades

  4. Correction.LYSOL had sex with Amy.

    Actually ,Nas is WEARING purple pants,but Nas doesn’t WEAR purple it?

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