Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from everyone at Quarter Snacks. We made an effort to put together one of the better clips in recent history, and despite an abundance of front shoves, Miles’ back tails, and Jersey Dave’s yellow wheels, I think we managed to put together a pretty decent clip to close out the year. Merry Christmas, and whatever other holidays you celebrate.

Features Kyle Iles, The Taj, Dan Forkin, Brandon Bramhall, Justin White, Luke Malaney, Keith Denley, German Nieves, Jersey Dave, Billy Rohan, Zach Malfa-Kowalski, Watermelon Alex, Dario Phillips, Kevin Teirney, Switch Mike, Dennis Feliciano, Matthew Mooney, Ty Lyons, Pryce Holmes, Isak Buan, Ben Nazario, Mike Gigliotti, Miles Marquez.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [51.1MB / 8:42]


  1. yo that clip was almost as tight as mine in the new lakai video, you know the one that mooney cant stop watching because he loves slow motioning me in sweatpants, jeah.

  2. nothing screams xmas like dudes sucking shit on skateboards. footage should be properly discarded in the nearest shithole

  3. I wonder why brengar keeps talking shit but when confronted plays it off like nothing has transpired.

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