You Don’t Club in New York, You Party Out in Scottsdale

As you can see, my internet/computer life as of now is somewhat disarrayed, but I found some things that could probably kill twenty minutes of your Sunday. (Enjoy the rain).

Sam and Jay Maldonado have slowly been putting up segments and montages from the Rec Shop TV show that was on about three years back. For those of you who don’t know, Rec Shop was a 30 minute (I think) show that only saw several episodes broadcasted on New York City public access television in 2004. It was basically montages of strictly New York footage and several random segments in between. Here’s what surfaced on the internet as of now:

Mailorder Skater Segment starring “Akira from Supreme”

Random Montage #1 featuring Rob Campbell and some other people

A Lurkers 2 commercial, which I am not even sure was shown on the show. But there’s footage in it, so it’s worth watching either way.

Kenji Segment featuring Young Mooney and the greatest TF box in the history of TF boxes. (The one with the World Industries rails as coping. If any other box was pictured in your mind when hearing the words “greatest TF box” you are crazy. No box shall ever surpass the World Industries rail box).

Random Montage #2

Billy Rohan segment featuring a tutorial on how to make those stacks after you get kicked off of Zoo York.

Random Montage #3

A while back, I brought you an exclusive pair of lightly used Taxicab Dunks (which went for $875), but now, I have a Sidekick 4 (yes, 4!) for sale. Opening bid, $500. It won’t be out until the end of the year.


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