If You Can’t Holla or Talk, Scream @ Me

A few nights ago, we went to one of those spots that you can pretty much never skate. We got about three minutes there, and that was a blessing. Hopefully, next time there’s a blackout, or a city-wide wave of security guard kidnappings, we can go back there, or here, or maybe the outside of here, but until then, we’ll have to deal with skating those places for twenty-five seconds at a time.

I told you so. Square Films VS. the Chinatown Bank & Big Apple Skate VS. The Chinatown Bank.

Curttttiiisssss hates the children.

Guess which one of these two needs to stop going drugs. (Hint: It’s the one on the left).

Although this isn’t really the QS specialty, we like to look out for our 50 cent snack brothers. And recently, the 50 cent snack community took a blow. How are you going to reduce it from 24 to 20 ounces and add another ten cents to the price? Inflation sucks.

I have more shit for sale: 1. (Fake) mint-chocolate chip dunks perfect for matching your Bape hoody. Opening bid, $250. 2. Lightly used dunks with a “W” on them. Opening bid, $100.

Honestly, nobody cares what you think.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [7.1MB / 1:15]


  1. What kind of camera did you use for the Square films vs. the Chinatown Bank(spring.mov)?

    looks nice.

  2. I personally <3 New Brunswick with all my heart. The place I resort to on Friday and Saturday nights when skateboarding is not having it.

    But it seemed appropriate at the time. Because you know, it says "ayyo" on a payphone. Can't beat that.

  3. they neeed to stop fucking with the fantasies. i mean now its cheapre to get city club, and thats some bullishit

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