Move Like a Bunch of Mexicans With Bandanas..

Watermelon Alex put together this clip from his recent deportation to Mexico after the feds raided his studio. Like the Ghana one from December, there’s not too much skating in it, but the cuts in it are quick enough to keep the attention of your average 17-year-old that grew up watching Ja Rule videos on TRL (Don’t lie, you have “Holla Holla” favorited on Youtube and had a crush on Ashanti even when she had sideburns).

The second piece of nonsense is a brief outtake reel from the past few weeks, containing stuff that was either filmed too bad (and believe me, I don’t have to tell you that something has to be filmed pretty goddamn bad in order for me to not use it), sketchy, not an actual trick, not actually landed, or a mysterious man lifting vegetables in a Tribeca window…

Appearantly, QS has become the skateboard-site-o-sphere’s hip-hop expert.

In 2002, it was Seaport. In 2003, it was Red Benches. In 2005, it was “that spot” across from Veteran’s Memorial. In 2006, it was “Heaven.” Now, after one week, this spot officially owns the “Spot everybody is going to rape until you get kicked out in five seconds or it gets demolished/knobbed” award. Enjoy it while it lasts, and thank Substance Skateboards.

Now before you even begin to jump to conclusions after reading this, know that my sources are not confirmed. This comes from top-secret undercover spies/informants who occupy the TF and Union both before you arrive and after you leave, so they see everything. Additionally, I’ve had some contacts in Riker’s Island investigating several cases of smuggled Little Debbies and they have alluded to various aspects of this story, but let me say this — Dave Thomas … no, the REAL Dave Thomas is in jail. Now, I’ve only heard speculation regarding the reason, the reasons went from being as crazy as him having a meth lab to just an overly excessive amount of unpaid tickets for skating flat at Union, so I cannot dwell on the actual reason. This can only lead us to conclude that the “Dave Thomas” who posts on here and Official, maintains the real Dave Thomas’ Myspace page, and claims to have moved upstate, is an imposter. FREE DAVE THOMAS! (SHIRTS COMING SOON)

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [10.9MB / 1:49]


  1. i just heard it was on some drug shit. nothin too serious, we’ll see him in a year i think.

  2. Finally, a Dave Thomas shirt. I think I want one normal-fitting one and one fucking enormous one, in honor of the man himself.

  3. Yes, it’s a shame that such a contemporary legend needs to go to jail in order to be honored with a shirt. I still want the TF Bradley Demon-child shirt.

  4. you should put a dollar bill in the DT shirt like that one he used to rock.

    “no matter what, this shirt’s always going to be worth a dollar.”

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