Take ‘Em Back to the White Lex Bubble

Well, in honor of Thug Motivation 102: The Inspiration making its way to various internet file-sharing circuits last night, I have felt motivated enough to to update the site with the accompaniment of this wonderful, inspiring work of modern upliftment.

Just random throwaways of footage with the traditional Quarter Snacks shitty filming, sketchy tricks or just really old stuff. It’s been more than a month since a clip, so its better than nothing.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [7.1MB / 1:47]

And why I haven’t been updating you ask? I’m trying to find a more workable format for updating in general (i.e. WordPress) because the whole site is done with Notepad and Photoshop, so typing textfiles every time I want to update gets really annoying. So while I settle reformatting issues, updates might be a bit slow. There’s still going to be more stuff than last month so keep checking. And I really need to get rid of the forum. More people use the comment option on updates for dicussions anyway, and the forum is really just a depository for porn advertisements from robots, so it’s really worthless.

And since this is really a Dipset gossip site disguised as a skate site, I’m a bit late on this, it is a classic by all means. Old Jim Jones Vs. New Jim Jones.

This is late too, but it’s new to me: Welcome to Zoo York City. Via the new best site on the internet, Skate Videos Online.net.

Ok I’m going to sleep. Stop bothering me about updating and thank the Snowman, not me, because without his inspirational words, this update would not have been possible. That’s riiiiiiiiight!

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