New York Checkouts

Here’s a few Checkouts from 1999-2000 from New Yorkers. Some of them are scanned crooked. No, I’m not re-scanning them.

1. Airto Jackon at the original Veteran’s Memorial. 2. Suski kickflipping into a bunch of cars at what looks like the area around the Trade Center (I could be wrong though, the street just looks familiar). 3. Todd Jordan. 4. Some dude I have never heard of, but he did a 270 into something I’ve only seen people drop in on, so I give him credit.

A small memento from the days when the people who put skateboarding on TV kinda knew what they were doing. The commercial was filmed in New York and you can catch some glimpses of the original Veteran’s Memorial and the Green Barrier spot before they demolished it a few years back (where the knobbed curved/kinked ledge and 2 up 3 down is now on Water Street).

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