The First of the Month

There is a new, short clip up for all my hustlers, rock smugglers, strugglers, block bubblers, pushers, cookers, and pot jugglers, featuring Danny Weiss (is that kid ever not falling off?), Isak Buan, Bahn E.T. and Miles Marquez. All of the footage is kind of old, but unless you’re really cool, you probably haven’t seen it. Check the video page.

The Williamsburg Bridge Bump is officially rest in peaced unless you can skate a bump to a four foot high round rail. And you probably can’t. Speaking of spots, here’s another new Battery Park spot that you’ll never get the chance to skate due to the parks department facists. View #2.

Stupid-ass Photos and Shit: 1. If you break two boards within the span of two hours on flatground tricks, you put on a couple pounds. Even legends gain weight. 2. Fuck Nike soles and hills. 3. Rest in peace to my trucks. Winter 2003 – Fall 2006. 4. You shouldn’t eat anything that glows in the dark. 5. If you’re going to skatestop a spot, do it right (it weighs about 10 pounds and isn’t fastened to the ground).

The infamous Flipmode three-stair clip.

I was told to spread the word, so if you need career advice or are looking for some of that hard work, e-mail

Visit and The Skate because they show love for Zebra Cakes. Steve recently announced that Square Films is turning into a party blog.

Quote of the Week: “They don’t sell wine above 100th Street.” – Mike Gigliotti.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [4.9MB / 1:11]

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