New York Times Article: “Kickflipping Manhattan”

I’m sure the majority of you would prefer some throwback photos or something of that sort, but I feel compelled to post this because over the past few weeks, I’ve seen at least three articles about how skateboarders are “hot,” and a fashion trend and all that.

This really is the best article I’ve ever seen about skateboarding by a person who has no clue about skateboarding. It was in The New York Times in May of 2004, written by someone born in 1950s who makes a living off writing about architecture. At the end of the first page, it’s easy to assume that it would be another few pages of conservative, desecrating landmark rants that you would expect from anyone whose dedicated their life towards admiring buildings, but it ended up being, far and away, the most open minded article on skateboarding written by a non-skateboarder, with regard to the generational gap, and the impracticality of a kid born in the late-80s going to Grand Central and staring at the ceiling.

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