Where Have You Been? ‘Cause I Never See You Out.

August 20th, 2012 | 1:28 pm | Daily News | 16 Comments

She got good taste in skate brands. Keep in mind that we’re huge fans.

After a week of sparse exposure to the internet, please forgive us if any of these links are like, three days late…

Vice asks Stevie Williams questions that Stevie Nicks and Stevie Wonder had once answered. The photo of the three of them together is incredible.

Sorry for two Vice links in a row, but Taji put together a recap of Black Dave’s opening performance for Juicy J this past Thursday.

This week in our continued coverage of high-fashion’s pursuit of skateboarders, several notable Tompkins personalities have signed on with Rag & Bone. We’re looking forward to seeing more heavily-curated #stylez on the T.F. benches this upcoming fall. (Previously: Alex Olson on Chanel, Dylan Rieder on Alexander Wang. Funny how we predicted this a year ago.)

Here’s Kevin Tierney’s first solo Zoo York ad.

J3 is a homie video by Matt Roberge. It’s hard to tell where it is based out of, but Quartersnacks is contractually obligated to link any video that includes a (particularly great) Max B song. Beyond the soundtrack, it’s an all-around fun 16-minute watch.

R.B. Umali put together two clips for Red Bull in anticipation of Manny Mania. Manny Mania passed (Brezinski won), but any footage of Zered and Luis Tolentino skating New York is always welcome. P.S. Has anyone who takes skate contests too seriously screamed “CONSPIRACY!” in regards to Joey Brezinski designing the obstacles that he wins contests on? P.P.S. Puma has a skate team?

If you enjoy skateboarding, you should buy a plane ticket to Spain. Here’s one bit of motivation, which reveals how it is possible to skate the most blown-out skate trip destination in Europe (the world?) for three weeks, and still avoid many of its most famous spots. Oh, and Madrid has a lot of spots too, in case you didn’t know.

EVENTS! If you’re into contests and demos, the Afro Punk Festival is this weekend.

DON’T FORGET! Film a stupid line, and win a Girl/Indy/Spitfire complete, Nikes, stunner shades and a grip of Four-Star gear.

Quote of the Week: “Should I see Magic Mike or the Katy Perry movie?” — T-Bird

Last but not least, there was a Ryan Hickey sighting yesterday.

Film a Stupid Line, Win Free Stuff

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The crew behind the Eric Koston Epicly Later’d episodes had some product to throw around and hit us up for ideas. This week’s episode is about Menik Mati (the most “serious” video of its time) and Chomp On This (the least “serious” video of its time.) Chomp was a crucial part of your life if you were in your early-teens in 2002. If you were 14 back then and claim to have never drawn a Pac-Man on your board with a Sharpie, you’re probably a liar.

We don’t normally run contests around here, but this one could be fun: Film the dumbest, silliest, most absurd line as a homage to Chomp, and win a Girl, Indy and Spitfire complete, a bunch of Four Star gear, a pair of Oakleys and a pair of Nike SB Koston 1s (no éS Koston 3s with custom Pac-Man paint marker art were available for this contest, sorry.) Runner up gets a pair of Koston 1s and a set of Spitfires. Do eighty unnecessary manuals, backside 5050 a ledge in a full Kobe Bryant uniform, do the most annoying no-comply trick imaginable, do a misty flip into the Courthouse Drop, do a five-trick line on a row of three-foot-long manny pads. The stupider, the better. Bring the circus tricks out. Preferably no skateparks.

The entries will be judged by ten dudes in a room drinking three thirty packs, so you don’t need to do the “best” trick to win by any means. The more absurd, the better. The best ones will be thrown into a compilation clip at the end of the contest.

Submissions: All entries must be submitted to qsvicecontest [at] gmail [dot] com by the end of the day on Friday August 31st, 2012. You can send private Vimeo links, unlisted YouTube links, file sharing site links to raw files, whatever. Please make all your entries at least 480p quality. Video format does not matter. VX, Hi8, HD, VHS, iPhone, GoPro, etc. are all fine. No, you do not need to live in/near New York. This contest is open to anyone anywhere. If you have anymore questions e-mail qsvicecontest [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll get back to you. Have fun.

Watch Chomp On This in its entirety for ideas.

Where Were You During the Instagram Scare of 2012?

July 2nd, 2012 | 9:46 am | Daily News | 6 Comments

Buncha cute boyz with their shirts off @ da Supreme Ramp (never forget) 2009. Photo: John Roman.

New NJ Scum clip. Best skate crew channel on YouTube.

12th & A is back. Please refrain from any illegal conduct so we can avoid its fate from last winter, and not set skateboarding back five years due to adolescent idiocy.

These Skate Europe videos have been on VBS for three years. Never knew they existed until Frozen in Carbonite tweeted about them the other day. They’re incredible, and drive home the point of how much America sucks for skateboarding compared to Europe. “There was nothing on TV that night, so I just started making a mini ramp in the living room.”

If you want to listen to Jason Dill play music and talk shit, KCHUNG AM radio out in Los Angeles posted up a MP3 of his June 17th broadcast. No, it doesn’t really have anything to do with skateboarding. It is more about throwing a glass of Jameson at a DJ because he was scratching over Rolling Stones songs.

The crew behind the Be Pretty video put up a long throwaway reel. Part one, part two.

This may be a year late, and is certainly not for a very popular spot, but that low pop-over rail on 67th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway is now knobbed. A free beer for anyone who e-mails quartersnacks {*at*} gmail with a scan of Scott Schwartz’s 5050 on it from an old Transworld (or it might’ve been a Slap issue…)

Some unreleased footage of early-2000s Tompkins hero / perhaps the only Hare Krishna skater in the city, Kerel Roach.

People have been getting great deals on those discontinued Palace Chanel crewnecks on eBay. FYI: £201.11 British pounds equals $315 American dollars. Gonna start bootlegging those, like, today…

Speaking of Palace, as per the observation of Phat Stylez co-founder Sweezy F. Wasty, the Associated Supermarkets logo is strikingly similar to the Palace triangle. Perhaps we have stumbled on the next big thing for grocery store skateboard apparel.

The Miami Heat have the best basketball player alive and still cannot sell out their stadium during the post-season. Now that two Miami-based pornstars are offering oral sex to any Heat “fan” in celebration of their championship, will their “fans” begin showing up to the game before the 2nd quarter starts?

The New York Department of Transportation released a commercial with Baron Davis urging New Yorkers to pay attention on the street / not walk and text. Needless to say, it would’ve been way better if they used J.R. Smith…

Quote of the Week: “The less money someone has in their bank account, the more likely they are to win a game of S.K.A.T.E.” — Roctakon

Remember when a team with Eddy Curry and Ronny Turiaf on it won a NBA Championship? That sucked.

Book Review: Full Bleed

October 13th, 2010 | 9:20 pm | Features & Interviews | 2 Comments

By now, you’ve spent a summer hearing and reading about this book, and either own it, or are not purchasing it as some sort of passive-aggressive measure against submitting to the power of advertising media blitzes. Either way, I finally had a chance to sit down with a copy of Full Bleed, and flipping through it several times is genuinely an unparalleled experience if you’re a fan of the aesthetic that coincides with northeastern skateboarding.

The creation story behind the book, as told in the “Epicly Later’d” episode dedicated to it, is that it is an answer to the all-too-often difficult question of when someone who doesn’t really know much about skating around here goes: “Where do you skate?” If you feel like being completely honest, and are someone who leaves your neighborhood, the invariable answer is “all around the streets” or something to that degree. That naturally leads to more questions demanding clarification.

Yes, the legendary Irish Potato, of Ohh Wee Volume 1 fame, is actually in this book. A second tier Tompkins legend, but a legend nonetheless.

Full Bleed is a portrait of not just where there is to skate in New York, but how to skate in New York. Being accustomed to the surroundings of each respective trick you might neglect to notice that there multiple images of mere trashcan ollies, humps in the street sprouted from the awful combination of 100-plus degree heat and late-afternoon gridlock (two hot asphalt shots in one book is a lot), the lovable art of skitching, and results of what happens when certain skaters get fed up with sharing the streets with cabs all day so they decide to vent their stress by ollieing on top of them and leaving a nice four-wheeled scrape across the hood. These sort of things are as easy to celebrate as they are to mock for the whole stylistic advantage that certain corners of the internet love to complain about. But we’re talking about a city with four fifty-fifties in a twenty page article so each side has some valid points.

A Hundred Tacos For a Hundred Bucks

August 14th, 2010 | 9:28 am | Daily News | 3 Comments

Saturday links and stuff.

In the event that you have grown too accustomed to seeing him cooped up working in Autumn, it is possible to forget that Grandpa is still a very talented skateboarder. If you need a reminder, look no further than this old part. I have been told it is from the “Hot Wax” video. “If I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me.”

Division East uploaded their most recent video, “Tomorrow,” in its entirety up on Vimeo. I initially wanted to review the video for the website, but my contact for the video, the ever-so-reliable Padriac Dowd is a prominent socialite and was unable to get me a copy in time. He’ll probably say it wasn’t his fault. Skate videos have a shelf life of maybe five days in this era, so as much as I would have loved to write some kind words on it, the relevance of a full-review slowly creeped away. Just watch it, it is a good time.

This has nothing to do with skateboarding, but prominent Los Angeles fashion photographer, Alex Olson, started a Tumblr blog in hopes of competing with the Tumblr powerhouses, namely Purple Diary and Terry Richardson.

For all their endless PepsiCo resources, Mountain Dew is incapable of stringing together an Eli Reed clip with a sense of cohesion and quality control (and when you read about quality control on this site, of all places, you know it’s a problem.) This clip on YouTube basically looks like an intern ran a few YouTube links of parts from the past seven years through KeepVid and threw them on an iMovie timeline, however, it is worth watching because you can see a lot of the State of Mind tricks in regular motion. Oddly enough, it is edited to one of the songs I had considered when making the “Grimey Edit” of the part. Consider the Mountain Dew one the Wu-Wear Edit.

Drugs do unfortunate things to people. In this particular case, it brings you to one of those moments where you might not be so happy to admit that you skateboard. “Take that monkey shit off, you embarrassing us!”

Random Acapulco Gold clip fetauring Billy, Leo Gutman, Taji Ameen, and others.

You should check out this interview with the homie from the Chrome Ball Incident if you already haven’t. If you’re not visiting his blog on a daily basis yet, you’re depriving yourself of one of the best skate-related institutions on the internet.

Pre-2K’s final release date is August 28.

Vice’s interview with Peter Sutherland regarding New York, photography, and Full Bleed.

If you haven’t been listening to 1,000 Grams, then you are probably a lot less motivated, and getting a lot less done than you could be. Radric’s Jewelry Collection tape drops on Monday.

Quote of the Week:She was tan, and wearing a white dress. She looked like one of those colonial birds in South Africa before apartheid.” – The G-Man, one of the most endlessly quotable individuals I have ever met.

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