Spots For the Next Blackout

Been looking at this thing for years, but considering it’s in front of a parking attendant booth, surrounded by cameras, and below an expensive high-rise with plenty of onlookers itching to call security, the chances of being able to wax it and actually skate it are slim. Someone could get a few tries at an ollie-on-flip-off trick though.

Speaking of the Upper West Side, they paved 81st Street and it’s glorious. Still can’t skate the museum though…

Last Night’s Skate Spots


Every now and then, you have a brilliant idea to go skateboarding drunk at 3 in the morning on a Friday night in a neighborhood that you typically avoid during the wee hours of the night. Features Matthew Mooney and Miles Marquez. It is great how the Beljuhly Banks are still an immediate bust at three thirty in the morning.

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