Let You Have It Behind a Raiders Starter Jacket

May 14th, 2012 | 1:39 pm | Daily News | 7 Comments

Lil’ Boosie was found not guilty on Friday. He’s still serving a maximum sentence of eight years for unrelated charges. DGB says his people claim he’ll be out in 12-18 months. Thankfully, he’s one dude who we don’t have to worry about signing to some garbage rap conglomerate when he gets out.

It would be great if The New York Times never ever ever wrote about skateboarding again. (This article from 2004 was cool though.)

Frozen in Carbonite dwells on parallels between soldiers and skaters, whether or not Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire would’ve skated in mid-’10s central Jersey, Heller’s Catch 22, the prospect of banging nurses on some Italian beach during WWII, an A-Team resurgence, Katy Perry, and other stuff.

The Feelin’ Friendly video premieres at House of Vans this Thursday, May 17th, at 9 P.M. Flyer here, trailer here, throwaway clip with a 2 Chainz verse here.

World renown partyboy skater, Torey Goodall, has some footage in this clip of a Huf Footwear trip to Montreal.

This ramp on Craigslist definitely looks like a steal for $100.

Here’s Dan Carreiro’s part from the KCDC video. More tranny-based than the others. Link to Pierce’s part here, and the rest of the parts here, so it’s all pretty much online.

Skateboarders love Big L so much, that he’s the only rapper whose radio freestyles they’ll use for video part songs.

Not only did they knob the Up Rails on the west side, but they found another effective skateboard deterrent for the spot by throwing horse shit in front of it. Horse Shit: Cheaper Than Installing Knobs & Twice As Effective.

Jeremy Lin is on a familiar downward slope of New York life, which may eventually spit him out as a bar-back at Dark Room or something.

Speaking of Starter jackets (and Asians and the Knicks), Ping from Seinfeld (the Chinese delivery guy) has an ill Knicks one.

Quote of the Week:

You ever did a little dirt and it came back a little worse?

The Top 10 Worst Skate Spots in New York City

June 24th, 2006 | 3:45 am | Features & Interviews | No Comments

Through all walks of life, we, as people, encounter many other individuals on their own path of existence. Some of these people we will appreciate, while most usually incite a feeling of indifference, or pure hatred on the basis of them spitting when they talk, their political beliefs or a tendency to say “nigga” all the time when they lack the necessary melanin to be granted such a privilege would be several examples of sources of dislike. When such a person happens to come within our circle of human interaction, we try our best to avoid them, although commonly, it grows to be an impossibility – whether you have a friend who buys PCP off of that given person or female friend thinks this person’s rub-on tanned face and spiked, bleached hair goes well with the XS Armani shirt from the children’s department that the given asshole may be wearing – it is not possible for one to simply surround themselves with those who they approve of. In a similar fashion, skateboarding happens to sprout numerous associations with inanimate objects known as spots, and while it is simple to merely avoid a given hellhole [most likely on Avenue A and 9th Street] when you are journeying throughout the cool summer night on your own four wheels with no one else around you, one’s associates commonly drag opposing parties via excuses like “We’ll only be there for five minutes” or “I just need to give something to someone real quick” and wind up breaking the agreement. This is a guide to the top ten places within the city’s five boroughs [although strangely enough, all ten are located within the borough that spells “unproductive” when you look at it through a mirror] that you should avoid if you are looking to avoid several hours of relentless torment.