What about the Hummer with wood grain interior?

With the summer now completely behind us, here is a quick clip of outtakes from the Heat Wave / End of Summer video. Big thank you to everyone who reposted that clip.

Though this site’s B-footage may be C-footage elsewhere, and our standard for camera-holding (aka “filming”) quality accepts anything with an excess of 20% of the skater’s body in the frame, we are the only skate site on the internet with a Mannie Fresh cameo. This means your color correction, DSL-R handles, and emotional montages are still meaningless by comparison. By popular demand, this clip includes even more footage of Barcelonian prostitutes’ sales pitches, some of Mooney’s more grammatically challenged moments, controversial Google searches, a review of Mulberry Street Turkey Ham, and some second (or even third!) angles. Not to mention Wavy Mike’s suggestions for gender diversification at Supreme.

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The Big Tymers > Radiohead

So, it’s pretty hot outside today

The thunderstorms are said to be on their way to cool things down.

Despite the June-September heat in New York, summer (and somehow the period leading up to Christmas) has maintained to be the most productive update period for this website. We have persevered in past summers, regardless of the easy temptation that comes with sitting on a bench, drinking beer, and staring at women for five hours. Here are several key summer clips, dating back halfway into the previous decade.

2006: From the first summer of the website’s existence (originally started in the fall of 2005.) Features one of the finest flatground frontside half cab flips to be done throughout history, early footage of the beloved DUMBO bump, and perhaps the only know documentation of The Crow, the infamous FedEx security guard who carried a knife on his ankle, hence the “I’ll stab you right in your fuckin’ face, you asshole!” part. Personally speaking, it’s one of the best clips to be on this site. Break out the fried rice and rib tips for it.

2007: The summer “Wipe Me Down” came out > The summer “B.M.F.” came out. Includes the controversial nollie flip that sparked the BRENGAR VS THANDO beef, and Jake Johnson footage!

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Thank You, C.C.

C.C. has contributed more to skateboarding in New York City than most of these companies throwing money at competitions. Over 50% of the footage on Quartersnacks in the past three years was made possible due to a beat up Ford Taurus (or a twelve passenger van, if that’s the only thing left available) from here.

Trying to Buy a Lamborghini This Summer

How do you feel about Thando’s homage to you?
Is it a homage to me, or a homage to looking good?

Unlike previous summers, when we’d weave up and down the Northeast and the possibilities for new bad spots and whimsical adventures seemed endless, we’ve been stuck here for the past few months. Partially due to increased unemployment, but largely because of the overall expenses that coincide with the one sketchy place you’ve been renting cars from all these years catching on to the fact that every time they rent to you, they get the car back with an extra 800 miles on the odometer. How exactly the acquisition of a Lamborghini will go is anyone’s guess, but it would widely increase productivity in terms of skateboarding outside of this city, which as you know, is a hotbed of doing nothing in this July/August period of the year. Maybe a Paypal donate button on the side with a long dissertation as to why its a wise investment. Maybe rig a way to make it tax-deductable. Do you think making songs where you copiously repeat that you’re trying to purchase something actually yields an acquisition?

Below is a new clip that features Dennis Feliciano, Isak Buan, Matthew Mooney, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Watermelon Alex, Torey Goodall, Aaron Szott, Negative, Rich, Grandpa, Galen Dekemper.

Vimeo / YouTube / Lambo This Summer – Direct Download [70.3MB / 3:12]

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