Quartersnacks Celebrates the Decade: Volume 3

December 22nd, 2009 | 5:36 pm | Features & Interviews | 7 Comments


Keeping it going, eighty-one, eighty…

Text Gigliotti and ask him what’s good with the illustrations

October 14th, 2009 | 1:52 am | Daily News | 2 Comments


He’ll know what you’re talking about.

I see you in the club, you showing thugs love, you’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful.

September 30th, 2009 | 10:46 pm | Daily News | 2 Comments


Seeing as how the low for tonight is 46 degrees, it is safe to say summer is gone, and its not coming back until April. Also, a lot of the background work I have been attempting to get done on the website has taken longer than expected (colder weather, and the potential demise of the Quarter Snack’s Board of Trustees favorite establishment would speed up the process of that) so I figure I should not refrain from updating at the expense of alienating the homies who come here every day, as QS has already been unfavorably compared to Stick Up Kids notorious update habits.

In turn…

Michael Gigliotti made a clip of the handycam-esque variety (its only in Vimeo format for the time being) documenting that wonderful, warm time of the years that occurred one and two months ago. It has California footage in it, so initially, it took me two weeks to decide whether or not I should actually post it.

Features Max Miller, Michael Gigliotti, Miles Marquez, Geo Moya, Matthew Mooney, Galen DeKemper, Clay Kessack, Pad Dowd, Ty Lyons, a shirtless Danny Weiss, Brendan Lynch, the Greer-minator.

More stuff soon. Seriously. Like, in a day.

Clip after the jump.

End of Summer / Re: OMG WHERE R DA UPDATES?

September 6th, 2009 | 3:29 pm | Daily News | 8 Comments


“You really need to update the website, because I’m tired of going on there and just looking at my face. Just make one of those posts about why you haven’t been updating, you know, “Due to the popularity of the Jane Hotel, I haven’t been updating.” – Michael Gigliotti.

I am currently in the process of redoing some things while listening to the new M.O.P. album so the site can once and for all look like it actually belongs on the internet circa 2009. You know, with all those cute little modern mechanisms websites come equipped with these days and the overall absence of tables so my life is easier in the long run.

The prospect of making an end of summer clip seems more appropriate once everything is actually back and running, so that might be a bit delayed.

Back in a big way in a little bit.