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May 29th, 2012 | 9:00 am | Daily News | 2 Comments

Scott Johnston at the building across from the New York Stock Exchange. Sometime in the nineties.

Monday links on a Tuesday…

The rumor mill about Zoo York phasing out of skateboarding has been building for quite some time, but it’s finally official. Zered Bassett explains what happened, and why everyone except pretty much Brandon Westgate is now off the team. (Black Dave, Kevin Tierney, and the AMs are all still on.)

The team at Live Skateboard Media remixed Lucas Puig’s Transworld pro spotlight part (the part that brought back the noseslide) by throwing in rap music, Biggie interviews, those ever-so-popular VHS glitch effects, etc. Better than the original, though not the French Montana x French Mariano part we all envisioned.

On Memorial Day, the Green Diamond put together a tribute clip to Slappy Cove, the second most #whitestylez spot in New York City skateboard history. (Bubble Banks is obviously the first.)

Random Flip Cam footage from the Flipmode Squad riding around Queens and occasionally skateboarding.

Some kids take the PATH train into the city, skate 75% of the spots between 110th and 140th, edit it to ASAP Rocky, and upload it to YouTube.

You know those waxed concrete triangular banks that were across the street from the Brooklyn Banks at the Verizon Building? Well, they tore them all out, except for the one at the end.

Rick Ross publicly stated that he had $10,000 for anyone who ran across the court during a Heat Finals game (sorry Boston fans, but you guys are just as insane as the overly optimistic Knicks fans from four weeks ago if you think you have a shot) wearing nothing but a MMG shirt. Some dude did it during a second round playoff game, got arrested, charged, held on $6,500 bond, and didn’t even get his money, presumably because he didn’t read the part about it needing to be a Finals game.

Quote of the Week:

Get some work done this week. Have a good one.

It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party…

July 18th, 2011 | 10:51 am | Daily News | 3 Comments

Willing to bet that she’s rolling all those beers over to Grove Street.

Ragers, Inc. is a Flip Cam video from the homies out in Vancouver. It has footage of our favorite Canadian skateboarder, Torey Goodall, and undoubtedly the best soundtrack to a skate video in 2011. Euro section gets the best song (at 3:16.) It’d be perfectly fine if a major pro skateboarder recycled this song for a blockbuster skate video part. (Mildly related: We still got that Quartersnacks Tiesto edit on ice for 2011.)

Guy Mariano talks about Mouse. Some of this has been touched upon in the commentary on the Mouse DVD, but he explains why the switch front shove crook down the handrail was relegated to the credits.

Taji interviewed Grandpa about Autumn’s ten-year-long history. Related: An interview with Dave Mims, Autumn’s owner. Here’s to another ten.

To compliment the Billy Lynch part included in last week’s Flipmode 3 anniversary post, here is his part in the Long Island based $20 Off No Tax video, which came out a few months after Flipmode 3 in 2006. Click here for the full video.

This Skate & Annoy headline — “Dipshit Accidentally Kills Pedestrian, Sets Skateboarding Back 50 Years” — is reminiscent of that classic skit from The Chris Rock Show, where he chronicles all the events that have set black people back and ahead. Perhaps this winter, when there is less stuff to update with, Quartersnacks will chronicle all the ways that skateboarders have been set back and ahead throughout history. “AND THEN CAME THE SOURCE AWARDS…”

Someone does a sick front board off the rounded marble ledge at Exchange Place in this New York to San Francisco clip. First song is one of those few that should be off limits for recycling though.

Aaron Herrington (whose name keeps reading as Al Harrington…remember that dude?) skates a lot of quintessential Quartersnacks SoHo spots in his Boneyard part. Heavy alternation between SF and New York spots seems to be big in 2011 (Dela, Westgate, etc.)

Two weeks late, but Slappy Cove is a wrap.

Probably even more late, but the downhill bump-to-bump thing in Maspeth is temporarily blocked off due to construction. Save yourself the trip, since it’s one of those spots you need a car for.

Quote of the Week:
Sweet Waste: “What are you about to do?”
Jack Sabback: “I know this 19-year-old Hare Krishna girl that’s throwing a rooftop party.”

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The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2010: 25-21

December 1st, 2010 | 1:42 pm | Features & Interviews | 31 Comments

These are probably going to run on a once a week basis for the rest of the month. The month is still young, and we are only 11/12ths through the year, so chances for history to be made are still there! E-mail quartersnacks [at] if you feel there is something that we may fail to acknowledge, and we will have the event screened before the Board of Trustees.

25. The MTA Discontinues V Train Service
The V train was the MTA’s most self-aware line, in that it proudly wore the title of being the party train. It took you as far as you realistically needed to go, and did not overcompensate for that fact by pretending its duty to the public was anything greater than plopping them off two blocks from the Fish, and five blocks from Lit. It was the train of broken dreams, a route that once seemed endless, but was unexpectedly cut short when an assortment of alcoholic beverages and chances at STDs were shoved in front of it. The V train was special because it was a microcosm for stardom maligned by alcohol that is New York skateboarding.

“I had no idea the Bronx was under a tornado watch last night. Neither did this guy.”

July 24th, 2010 | 1:34 pm | Daily News | 5 Comments

Most people who make it onto field level on a regular basis are typically in the upper income bracket. And when the rain starts pouring (figuratively and literally), Lakers fan syndrome quickly sets in and they scurry off to their Towncars / BMWs and rush out of the Bronx. But occasionally, there is a drunken degenerate who works for prominent expensive tee shirt distributors, and who spends his free time filming skate clips for websites named after Little Debbie snack cakes, that breaks through the boundaries and makes it into the distant high-brow land of field level seats, thugs it out through nine innings of being soaked and leaves with a Blackberry that’s no longer under warranty due to rain damage.

Transworld ran a quick day-in-the-life-esque video of Eli Reed skating around the Lower East Side and sitting around the much beloved, Troll Triangle AKA La Esquina Park that has quickly grown into the number one sightseeing location in Lower Manhattan. Day-in-the-life clips need more lines like the one at the Popeye’s Ledge. They’d all be a lot more entertaining to watch that way.

Slappy Cove > The Courthouse Drop. If you like art, and are a part of the Slappy Cove coalition, Rob made a clip for you.

Hollywood trying to pretend like he’s not Hollywood. Anyone who spends the winter in or around Hollywood, is Hollywood. No one should be mad at it though, because everyone in New York wishes they could spend the winter eating good Mexican food in seventy degree weather.

The IBM Ledge is currently blocked off with scaffolding. New York likes being really indecisive with scaffolding, so you’ll either be able to skate it by mid-Fall, or you can start school in the Fall, get a PhD, and still not be able to skate it when you graduate.

If you’re still under eighteen, and into jumping over stuff, it may behoove you to know that the NYU gap got blocked off with a fence. There’s a gate there, and the gate isn’t locked, so you can still skate it.

Deathbowl to Downtown is playing up at Maysles Cinema on 127th and Lenox in Harlem on Wednesday, July 28th. It has been out on DVD for a minute, but runs for around $25-30, so seeing it once on a big screen up there might be worth a trip. It really should’ve been discussed or at least reviewed around here when it dropped, especially for how many times there have been complaints about the constantly post-poned release dates, but whatever. See it yourself and figure it out. The event page is over here. They’re doing some sort of demo with Shut, Zoo, and 5Boro at Lenox followed by a Harold Hunter tribute at the theater the following day as well.

For something that’s the finest news institution in the county, if not the world, The New York Times is so stupid sometimes.

It’s been a slow week, as you probably noticed by the two almost concurrent random links posts, but I’ve gotten caught up on importing footage, so hopefully there should be some actual videos on here soon.

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