Why You Bring a Money Machine to T.F. For?

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Photo via Peter Sutherland

Start your day off right.

The 2003 magazine is now available. It includes a Quartersnacks feature with Zered Basset about the Vicious Cycle house, which was blocks from Ground Zero in the years after 9/11, and what it was like living/skating down there. We also released a hat with 2003, based on the QS Block Party tee from earlier this year. You can buy the two as a bundle, or individually ;) [Related: The skate feature from 1991.]

The Alltimers Jenkem mix by DJ Shrimp C is now live. Run your bands up.

“Yeet” is the new mini vid from Blue Couch. Features a pretty wide swath of spots around the city, a ton of night footage, and some #very #interesting line choreography at the Crackhead Park on 27th and 2nd Avenue. Also the back tail fakie on the fat flatrail on Water Street was really chill. Generic skate house song idk.

Are backside 360s where both feet kinda leave the board the #new #thing?

The Rios Crew went to Belgrade. I think I got anxiety watching it because of the song and the night footage where you can barely see anything else.

The Bunt has a new pod with Canadian legend, Russ Milligan. This part is still perfect.

Well, this plaza certainly looks fucking insane.

Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Mango and Aaron Herrington went on a Korea trip with Carhartt W.I.P., and reminded me to re-watch this old clip Conor Prunty made of Max Palmer’s first time in Korea [with John Choi] :)

Boil the Ocean on the Brian Anderson Vice Sports documentary and non-snitching sentiments being embedded within the skateboard industry. Actually had no idea Wes put Smolik on blast like that either, but shout out to 1998. What a cool year.

Everyone of a certain age holds a special place for Scott Kane in their hearts because of his Bootleg 3000 part. The “Free Lunch” series caught up with him to hear some stories from the Bootleg days :) “Man, you got that flick.”

Someone made a three-song/five-minute Kevin Bradley remix video.

2013 Q.S.S.O.T.Y. Leo Gutman crashes a quinceañera on a boat and skates Chelsea park with a disposable camera for Vice’s “First Person Shooter” series.

Aaron Herrington recreated Anthony Pappalardo’s needle-thread ollie at Blubba.

Josh Davis did a mini profile on Thrasher and Phelps for Hypebeast. I love Rihanna.

“Street Urchins 9” is a new iPhone clip from the summer full of streetside psychos.

Quote of the Week: “We were supposed to make way more money, but we spent it all on limousines.” — Phil Lavoie

Happy birthday Dre. (It was yesterday tho…)

At the Knick Game, Big Chain in All My Splendor

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jay-z sprewell jersey

Did anyone actually root for the Brooklyn Nets this season? Did Hov only do that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that?

This article about the making of Kids and what happened to the cast since 1995 by Caroline Rothstein is better than the movie itself. It mainly focuses on Harold Hunter and Justin Pierce, but manages to catch up with just about everyone with any sort of role in the film. An absolute must-read for any nineties east coast skate nerd.

Mic-E Reyes talks about punching people and getting punched during his Deluxe team manager days in a new interview with Chris Nieratko.

NY Skateboarding checks out the new street-based skatepark in Woodhaven, Queens. It’s so street that they even knobbed the lip of the brick bank!

Skate & Stuff” is a new 23-minute, New York-based video by William Shum with cool spots, lines in trench coats, and Sergio Leone movie cut-ins.

This dude Conor Holliday 5050s up the entire handicap ramp ledge at the Jersey City Post Office, among other things in a new part, and Josh Wilson skates NJ crust in a Justin White-ish edit.

As expected, Boil the Ocean weighs in on the sponsor resignation of the century, in addition to living a post-Pretty Sweet existence, Greco’s new part, and of course, Mark Suciu. “Is Mark Suciu actually a 40-year-old bro who had been quietly filming in various towns under assumed names over the past 15 years, and is the steady release of footage a sign that he may have died sometime early last year, leaving the executors of his estate to periodically drizzle out tapes to sponsors in a Tupac-like series of posthumous releases?”

To remind us of simpler times, we upgraded the quality on the 2009 Mind Field re-edit.

The new Russ Milligan part is super chill.

While on the topic of Canadians, we uploaded a standalone version of 2 Beerz and Bradley Sheppard’s part from Elephant Direct, which is also available online in full.

Spot Updates: The Penn Plaza manual pad is done for. Ten years later, and Reese Forbes still has the best trick on it.

QS Sports of the Week:Delfino dunking on Durant is like going to another county and seeing that they have pictures of dogs on the money.” — @netw3rk

Quote of the Week:


Sorry ladies.

A pizza place in Brooklyn denied Mayor Bloomberg a second slice of pizza as a protest to the soda ban. (Fake) news story of the year.

Videos Better than the New Transworld Video

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A Comprehensive List of Videos I Saw Last Week That Were Significantly More Entertaining Than the New Transworld Video:

1 – Justin White’s magnum-opus, New Thirsty. I have a pretty heavy bias, granted that New Jersey is vastly superior to all of Southern California, but anybody who subscribes to the “short-and-sweet” preference of modern day skate videos should enjoy it. I have a very strong suspicion that Justin White was in fact the first person to introduce a generation of early-puberty VX1000ers that spent the majority of their adolescence on the Skate Perception message board to various intricate concepts like foliage, “art” angles, and insertions of Super8, 16mm, and any other fancy camera they assign to you for your final project during your first semester in film school. Justin White was definitley the first person to bridge the gap between your Photosynthesis VHS tape and your first poorly-compressed .mov of all your friends skating a random bench behind some school in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Beyond the inherent artistry presented by the video (which is actually kept to a comfortable minimum), it features some outstanding skating. It has sixth best skateboarder of all time, Taji Ameen in it , Bubba Heckman and Adrian Vega share a very good first part, and Andy Bautista shares the final part with German Nieves , which was a pleasant surprise, seeing as how their shared-part in Logic #6, back in 2000 or 2001 (a video actually better known as an introduction to Paul Rodriguez, Mike Taylor, and Justin Case, a year or so before the City Stars video came out and ruined any aspiring fourteen-year-old’s chances of going pro forever), has always been a personal favorite.

2 – The new City Skateboards video. Honestly, I only watched Russ Milligan’s minute and thirty second part. He’s my favorite skater from Canada who wasn’t in Baby Steps, and he manages to do retarded flip-to-grinds that somehow maintain aesthetic appeal. Plus, he does not skate handrails.

3 – Moving in Traffic. Although the cellar-door school of skateboarding has been overflown with a bunch of assholes in slim corduroy pants and half cabs who watched Static II way too many times, I feel like the majority of the people in the new Traffic video get a pass since they largely pioneered skating on obstacles meant to prevent people from falling into basements. Seeing as how most cellar-door skating is usually limited to no complys, wallrides, 5050s, ollies, and backside 5-0s, it is interesting to wonder how many more videos of spots-that-aren’t-really-spots we can handle, but for now, it still holds my attention.
I co-sign anything involving Sweden, so here is the trailer for Patrik Wallner’s Visual Traveling video.

Hey, Mr. Carter! (The Better Version).

Quote of the Week:We can take Jet Blue to Miami and drive the rest of the way to L.A.” – Benjamin Nazario

Bonus Quote of the Week:Nas is trying to reach an audience that doesn’t exist anymore because all the white kids like electro now.” – DJ Roctakon