The Einstein of Swishy Pants

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The Quartersnacks web store is now open. If you are in Japan, Argument Skateshop sells the stuff online, which could save you quite a bit on shipping. Also available from Black Sheep, Commissary, Exit, Homebase, Labor, NJ, Orchard, Seasons, Supreme N.Y. + L.A. & Uprise. Support your local skate site :)

TWS put Zered’s Outliers part online, in addition to an accompanying interview.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Peter Smolik * But Were Afraid to Ask.” Can’t say a proper skate part from this year has been able to incite as much joy as this interview with Smolik and Brandon Turner. They talk about everything: Shorty’s, strippers, the G-Bag, the Sag-No-Drag system, the peak era of “rock star skateboarders.” Picking the overall best quote is next to impossible, but “Give me a snow camo Navigator or I ain’t gonna fuck with you” might be the frontrunner.

Eli Reed v.s. the latest incarnation of Houston Street construction. Wouldn’t be mad at a whole part of this. Really: what are New York skaters going to do for spots when there’s no more construction on Houston Street? Or is that always a stupid question because we all know Houston will always be under construction?

Village Psychic did some research on a skate deck’s relative immunity to inflation.

Yaje has been living in California for a bit now, and yes he still has all his powers.

Nieratko interviewed J. Strickland, principal mastermind behind Baker Bootleg and other things that shaped the direction of skateboarding throughout the 2000s.

Bronze in San Francisco, the photo edition, and Bronze in San Francisco, the video edition. Speaking of Bronze — they’re influential.

In light of the recent shade thrown towards the Birdman (not Brian Williams) by way of an Australian vert skater documentary, SMLTalk went and compiled the non-board flipping skate icon’s greatest achievements.

Here’s a quick Q & A with Q.S.S.O.T.D., Lucas Puig. Also found this recent-ish Ray Barbee interview on that site, though can’t get an exact post date. He’s a “cherry” fan.

There are some hot moves in this new, random Red Bull New York montage.

Mostly Skateboarding continues its podcast series. The new one’s with Donny Barley.

No idea what the new Boil the Ocean post is talking about. Give it a try?

More desaturated Dutch skateboarding in the latest POP clip. P.S. QS gear should be making its way to shops in The Netherlands this week ;)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week [turn on the audio]:

Quote of the Week: “I just saw you skateboarding down Grand Street with a bunch of children.” — A Girl

Fetty Wap comes through with his third good song!

Is It #Racist to Insinuate a ‘Ray Barbee Vibe’ About Ishod’s New Thrasher Cover? – A Special Report

February 20th, 2014 | 2:22 pm | Daily News | 11 Comments


Mainstream news outlets have been making colossal “all black people look the same” blunders as of late, and it seems that oversensitivity to such mistakes has permeated into the skateboard media. #Racial controversy has made it to the pages of this website before, when those unacquainted with the mechanics of describing a spot as “white” were offended by the Bubble Banks being crowned “the whitest skate spot in New York.”

Upon commending Ishod Wair’s new Thrasher cover yesterday, we extended the compliment by drawing a comparison to likely the coolest skateboarder to ever live and greatest practitioner of the maneuver Ishod is doing. Of course, he is black, thus drawing the ire of those unwilling to spot similarities beyond color. But really, who else are we supposed to bring up when discussing great no complys? Some white dude in brown chinos and slip-ons who dates a girl in a band? That’s actually offensive. That hypothetical dude is white and lame (“It’s a fucking law of nature“), and cannot be utilized in complimenting a stylish black guy.



To illustrate that there are in fact similarities between these practitioners of the no comply beyond skin tone, we went into Frozen in Carbonite mode and constructed a venn diagram. Stop trying to squeeze controversy out of every sentence, guys!

Ishod venn diagram

On a lighter note, this is up there with Nate Jones’ Real to Reel section as one of the best “feel good” video parts ever. Watch it five times.

“I just wish I wore exactly what Ray Barbee wore in the Public Domain video every day. In fact, I should have just dressed like Ray full stop, he looked so sick. Ray should definitely have been on Transworld‘s most influential skaters of all time list, not me.” — Jason Dill

Brooklyn is Turning Into the Last 3 Days of Burning Man

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baton rouge bank

Via Chrome Ball’s Ray Barbee post from last Friday.

After earning the “Best Instagram Post by a Pro Skater” award for 2012, Mike Carroll is already the frontrunner for this year’s honors, too.

Off the Braxx is an upcoming project by the same crew behind 2010’s Film Me and Goin’ Ham videos. They uploaded a seven-minute throwaway reel featuring Stephan Martinez, Nate Rojas, Jamel Marshall and a few others. (Sidebar 1: Isn’t in counterintuitive to kick someone on a skateboard in midair, and then cite litigious reasons for why they cannot skate there? Sidebar 2: Is 8Ball and MJG’s debut album making the 2013 #trendwatch…twenty years after its release?)

Skateboarding is ridiculous.

The friends section from the NJ-based In Crust We Trust video is now online. Filmed in the cuttiest corners of Jersey and features a Lenox the Menace cameo.

While on the topic of cutty spots, Skate Jawn has a new Dylan James part.

Brian Kelley went to everybody’s favorite late-night dirty Chinese food restaurant and shot a cool lookbook for Huf with some familiar faces.

Despite several requests, is there really a point in re-editing raw Mark Suciu footage? Given his status as (what looks like) the most productive skater working today, it is realistic that he would have a new part out before any re-edits were completed.

Yet another case for the front of Union Square’s continued return to relevance!

Barmuda Triangle News: Minor Barmuda Triangle pinpoint / “The Fish is too crowded and I want to drink because I’m sad”-destination, Motor City, will be closing up this spring. Also, there are rumblings of everybody’s childhood favorite Ludlow establishment facing a similar fate in the near future.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kyrie Irving’s crossover on Brandon Knight in the rookie sophomore game. Between Kyrie (from West Orange) and Kenneth Faried (from Newark), New Jersey’s future in the NBA looks bright.

Quote of the Week: “Kendrick Lamar reminds me of a rapper from late era 411.” — Jack Sabback

Don’t you guys miss when Brooklyn was like the first three days of Burning Man?

‘Cause He Wear a Kufi, It Don’t Mean That He Bright

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Dave Caddo — Ollie at the Forbidden Banks. Photo by Patrick Buckley.

Man, this part was so good: Ray Barbee in Can’t Stop the Firm.

“The Man Who Films” put together a new preview for a half Providence, RI / half New York video, entitled Borrowed Time. It is edited to everyone’s favorite obnoxious radio DJ’s rant about DJ Clue “winning two weeks out of 52” from earlier this year. Watch the original trailer here. *Flex Bomb* *Flex Bomb* *Flex Bomb*

Who knew that snow skates were progressing alongside skateboarding this whole time, right down to the ledge dancing and generic indie rock song montages?

There’s a new issue of the Philly-based ‘zine, Skate Jawn online. Browse through it here or pick up a copy at one of these shops. Features a Jeremy Holmes (!!!) interview, an interview with our homies who skated from Boston to New York, and a drunk vs sober skate jam at FDR.

Torey Goodall, Lucas Puig and Chewy Canon on an Adidas tour.

Hella Clips is taking a step in the right direction of becoming on par with WorldStar for its headline writing abilities with “SKATEBOARDER FALLS INTO THE OCEAN.” They need to start adding “THIS WHITEBOY CRAZY,” “SHIT JUST GOT REAL” and “OH NO THIS WRONG” to really compete though.

In the realm of less-exciting headlines: Some dudes skate around the city.

Grinding a piece of glass is undoubtedly one of the top five whitest things ever done on a skateboard. If that went the wrong way, it’d be on WorldStar for sure.

The Ride Channel uploaded a two-year-old “Free Lunch” interview segment with Billy Rohan. Some stories you’ve heard before, some you haven’t.

Instagram web profiles, in case you care.

Not a whole lot of creativity going on in skateboard magazine ads these days, so for a change of pace, you should check out this article with Stacy Peralta talking about some of the most memorable Powell-Peralta ads from the eighties.

Quote of the Week: “My girl’s been waiting on me for an hour. That don’t mean I got to leave, I just got to go outside to get service, so I can tell her to wait longer.” — Black Dave

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: DeMar DeRozen doing a reverse dunk in camo. Also, QS is in a fantasy league with Vice, Gothamist, Impose, Thrasher and a few other websites. 1/4 of the players on the QS team are already injured (Kevin Love, Steve Nash, Danny Granger and Kyle Lowry.) The only Knick on it is J.R. Smith.

The Blueprint 2 AKA the Jay-Z album from the 2000s with the highest concentration of great songs came out on this day, ten years ago. (Hence the headline.) Is the 411 Roc-A-Fella issue still online anywhere? Has he had a better song since “Hovi Baby?”

In additional glaring omissions…

January 6th, 2012 | 2:15 pm | Quarter-Diary | 1 Comment

Not that anyone is taking the Transworld “Most Influential” list that seriously (we already chimed in on one of the key exclusions), but Jason Dill (who is on it) also talked about it in a recent Vice interview. And his opinion probably counts for a bit more than ours.

I just wish I wore exactly what Ray Barbee wore in the Public Domain video every day. In fact, I should have just dressed like Ray full stop, he looked so sick. Ray should definitely have been on Transworld’s most influential skaters of all time list, not me.

Read the whole interview here.