Links for a Rainy Monday (Bulls in 6)

May 16th, 2011 | 11:30 am | Daily News | 13 Comments

The upcoming week’s forecast looks pretty nice. Six straight days of rain. That shouldn’t stop you from skating though, especially if you’re unemployed, or your hours of employment are from 10 P.M. to 4 A.M.

The Flipmode affiliates have put together a four-minute throwaway clip to one of Big L’s more famously vulgar outings. “You know, they built you guys a skatepark so you wouldn’t skate here.”

A reel of Billy McFeely’s footage from the Caviar video, raw and without the music.

Torey Pudwill would be more exciting if he continued this trend of simple trick based, quick set-up lines on actual skate spots instead of kickflip back lip to back tailslide kickflip outs on ledges behind chain stores. With that being said, Plan B opting for the simpler, more stylish route on the promo makes us hope that the actual part would be more in that vein, and that’s certainly welcome.

Adam Abada’s journey through Europe on his skateboard. It’s not a journey from Milan to Minsk, but few have been so ambitious.

They can’t wait to start kicking you out of this thing. (Yes, it’s in midtown. And yes, it has been put in place of another former skate spot.)

Speaking of midtown, in addition to the planters, and the outdoor nightly security at Ziegfeld, they adopted the Penn Plaza measure of blockading off the entire plaza (typically done to deter crackheads, but with minimal results), most likely because they were afraid of someone putting the Quartersnacks undervalued labor market program into action.

This is so corny. (Has no relation to skateboarding.)

Quote of the Week:That ad [on Spring Street and Broadway] reminds me of the last time I did acid and why I will never do it again.” — Anonymous Degenerate

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First Post of 2011

January 3rd, 2011 | 10:00 am | Daily News | 5 Comments

Happy New Year. Best wishes on learning new tricks and staying in good health throughout 2011. How long did it take for you to hear “Hard in the Paint” or “B.M.F.” in 2011? Three seconds? What about “Teenage Dream” or “California Girls?”

If you haven’t caught it in the comments already, someone linked up a full MP4 download of Caviar in a single stream. It’s a lofty ~1GB download though. We converted it into a 240MB iPhone/iPod M4V for your next train ride. Download here.

Ted Barrow wrote a very sincere memoir on The Fish and what it means to many people. “Though it is tempting, you can’t blame the bar for making you an alcoholic.”

Might be late on this one, but here is Taji’s interview with Ryan Sheckler. As much as you may waste your time hating him, after the recently discussed backside flip down the Chinatown skatepark double-set and the kickflip back tail on Water Street, I wouldn’t be mad at watching an all New York Flip Cam clip like he mentioned in the interview. He’ll probably set a launch ramp up to that sculpture on 48th and Sixth Avenue like the first Tony Hawk game or something.

Sam Diaz threw together this homie cam clip that features a better angle of Shawn Powers’ TF-revitalizing kickflip over the box, and Kerel doing what he does best by figuring out a completely insane way of skating Chase. Give him a few sheets of plywood and he’ll find five new ways to skate every spot.

If you pay attention to the internet, you may have heard something about Already Been Done, a new monthly web publication kickstarted by Josh Friedberg and Robert Brink, with contributions from Dave Carnie, Eric Swisher from The Chrome Ball Incident, RB Umali, and several others. There’s a “1-4-11” date on the website, which I’m assuming means the release for the first full issue, but a whole bunch of content is already on there. Dave Carnie, one of the most important people to ever relay skateboarding within the printed word, and his feature on a photo of Jason Dill with another man’s hand cupping his balls (plus the subsequent “thing” it turned into) has given me higher expectations for the entire project than anything involving words and skateboarding in recent memory. I sometimes get the impression that older dudes take that “No homo” thing a bit too seriously, as if the person saying it is genuinely concerned with being perceived as a homosexual after saying something along the lines of “Yo, my wheel fell off, can you give me a nut?” to another man at a skateshop and failing to proceed with a “No homo.” It’s juvenile and dumb as hell, sure, but it’s in the same vein as “That’s what she said,” and not some sort of step below gay bashing, or actual concern over being thought as gay, which is what a lot of older people tend to make it sound like. But they came up in a different era, and we can only speak for ourselves and those we know, so maybe they have an equally valid point. Either way, the article itself is great. As is all of the other content on their site.

Loosely related since he is in fact responsible for bringing “No Homo” into popular use, it’s amazing that there are people out there who still don’t like Cam’ron. Look at what this dude spends his time doing. Unless you’re too good for LCD entertainment, or one of those people worried about what “is ruining hip-hop,” it’s impossible to not be amused. “My floor’s dancing! My. Fucking. Floors…DANCE!”

In the days when Blades was the only shop in New York City with a re-threader (and would occasionally charge you by the minute to use it…), some chick that was working there begrudgingly instructed me to “Stop skating in the rain” so the threads wouldn’t deplete from rust when she handed it over, without charging their notorious per-minute usage fee. She had obviously never seen Questionable, and will probably never see this clip of Shawn Powers skating in the rain, which is enough to inspire anyone to go skate before the streets are even completely dry from the thawing snow. Filmed by Jimmy Marketti.

Random bits of footage: Jenkins Log #28 (late pass, I know) and Open Skateboards’ 2010 throwaway.

Quote of the Week: [while discussing his former Osiris sponsorship] “That’s all that would be in the boxes they sent me…D3s.” — Geo Moya

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In the Event of Rain…

June 16th, 2010 | 12:56 pm | Daily News | 2 Comments

All signs tend to indicate that it will be pouring in about twwwwooo hours, so unless you are trying to be brave, and power through the chance that you get rained out after venturing to some Philly step leading to a pit of glass surrounded by flesh-eating Rottweilers and hyper-urban graffiti in some remote part of Brooklyn, it is probably best to stay home, and watch skateboard clips on the Internet. Or better yet, pretend like you are actually doing something productive.

Either way, this clip of McFeely skating the TF in pouring rain is one of the funner things to make rounds on the internet in recent times. Usually, skateboarding in the rain is the sort of thing you see l*ngb**rders who don’t know any better doing, so it’s good to see someone actually make an honest attempt at combatting the forces of nature. Hopefully one day, when generic skate videos become much too boring and abandon innovative techniques of pivoting from a frontside 5-0 into a switch crooked grind, snapping up from a lipslide into a tailslide, or whatever trendy combination somebody on Cliché invents on some ledge in Milan, we will see the advent of such high-concept videos that are only filmed in the rain, snow, midst of nuclear meltdown, etc. Has Kenny Reed skated Chernobyl?

The clip is embedded after the jump.