Idk This East Coast Lingo — Quotes Over the Years Vol. 4

September 12th, 2017 | 12:10 pm | Features & Interviews | 5 Comments

Double the garbage in 2k17!

Quartersnacks turns twelve today. As with every passing year that we manage to keep the depository of nerdy shit about skateboarding and inside jokes almost nobody gets — we’d like to thank everyone who visits the website, supports it in any way, shows us around their city when we travel abroad, and spreads the word about what we have going on here. Thanks, it really means a lot ♥

And as with every passing two years, we have a compilation of quotes collected from the QS extended family. The majority of the content that appears on this website is nothing more than a long-winded shittalking session in written form, but these are the bits that didn’t have enough legs to be expanded into long-windedness ;)

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Sexually Active Young Lady: “I’m not sure, I might’ve only fucked him because his bio said ‘free spirit.’”
Tron Jenkins: “Don’t be mad at him because he went to college.”

“That kid scoots like a Polar skater.” — Keith Denley

“Do you think Johnny’s complete disregard for anyone’s feelings is the real source of MPC’s productivity?” — Nick Boserio

“Girls here are mad weird. I just matched with a girl whose bio says ‘Hitler’s Dreamgirl.’” — Antonio Durao re: Tinder in Chicago

“All my ideas suck.” — Nick Nunez

“Seeing clips of Justin Bieber skating makes me want to start skateboarding again.” — Thando

“There are times when I’m too drunk to remember my parents’ names but I’ll never forget 2 Chainz’ verse on ‘Mud Musik.’” — Shrimp C

“Lets get some cookies or something.” — Hjalte Halberg

Kuz: “Just give me the word, I’ll quit my job and break up with my girlfriend.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “You have a girlfriend?”
Kuz: “No, but if I did, I’d break up with her.”