The Quiksilver Video (Kinda)

You’ll have to pardon this rare Saturday update and it being 19 hours late (!!!), because we took yesterday off to skate and look cute.

It’d be safe to assume that any company removing Jake Johnson and Alex Olson from its pro ranks is disinterested in producing a great skate video, even if some considerable talent remains on its roster. (Since we’re all Pacers fans for the next week: Imagine Indiana waiving Hibbert and Granger at the trade deadline for no apparent reason.) Though the mythical “Quiksilver video,” which was a heavily discussed topic on the Tompkins bench this time last year, may never come out, its would-be creator released much of the footage that would have ended up in it anyway. It even includes the aforementioned names no longer on Quiksilver payroll.

The full-on video project looks like it got deaded, but this combined with the Strobeck section in last month’s Transworld video is a decent enough consolation prize. Naturally, it includes a recurring preoccupation with hair via picture-in-picture. It wouldn’t be a Strobeck clip if there wasn’t some weird shit going on…

UPDATE: There’s now an official Quiksilver version of the clip. In color, and without all the extra stuff going on in the top left corner. Doesn’t feature Olson or Jake though…

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The saga, Sega, network and bodega

Things for Monday that may be of some interest to you.

Christian Hosoi was recently at the House of Vans in Greenpoint for a commemorative skate jam held in light of the Autumn Bowl’s demise. Taji put together a “Taj Cam” clip of the evening, and Billy has a more candid iPhone clip involving pastrami sandwiches and car rides.

The scaffolding is gone at IBM Ledge. They also kept the planters away from the ledge, so there is a lot more space to hit it if you are heading backside for regular / frontside for goofy.

Speaking of skate spots, if you have been skating Midtown on a regular basis for over a year, you are probably aware that almost everything becomes an unforgiving bust in the period between a few weeks before Thanksgiving, all the way through the new year, due to the heightened security presence meant to give directions to tourists and kick you out. That basically means Ziegfeld is a total bust right now, with a special guard posted up there for all previously skate-friendly hours. Consider yourself lucky if you got more than ten minutes there these past two weeks. This night was fun though.

Quiksilver Canada trip clip by Pryce Holmes. Filmed on Super 8 and the very same Sony Handycam that was fortunate enough to be used for this website’s greatest contribution to the cinema. Features Torey Goodall, Alex Olson, and Pat O’Rourke. You can catch the first clip from the trip here.

Reasons you should watch this John Wisdom for Ready Amongst the Willing clip: 1. He skates to what’s probably the best song off Liquid Swords, which is saying a lot. 2. He skates in camo pants. 3. The skateboarding is really, really good.

Here is a re-edit of Luis Tolentino’s footage from the past year or so that has surfaced in various commercials, web clips, etc. Edited by Eli Gesner. Probably the closest thing to a full part from Luis in recent memory. Luis is one of New York’s finest athletes, and more than just high ollies. He has always ripped, and here’s his section from Flipmode 4 as a reminder. The trick at Pyramid Ledges may very well supersede many of the other, ledge-related endeavors accomplished there. How one does an ollie going down an incline over something very high, and nestled between two narrow brick pillars boggles the mind to this very day.

Belief Skateshop is holding a contest at the new Astoria skatepark on this coming Sunday (the 28th.) Flyer here.

Quote of the Week:It might be funny when you get hit by a car, but not when you get run over by one.” – Rob Campbell

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The Fashion Episode: Residual Effects

When the fashion episode dropped, the fashionable skate world (New York, Hollywood, London, and Paris) erupted. Wardrobes were re-configured, Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue experienced surges in skateboarder-owned credit card max-outs, stylists were hired, stylists were fired, plastic surgeries were scheduled, and hearts were definitely broken.

But there were some residual effects. Namely a public airing out of business between certifiably the two handsomest young skateboard icons in 2010. It came a bit unexpected, like a sledgehammer at the end of the episode. It’s one thing to keep a schism between nighttime existences confined to each respective person’s inner circle, kind of like the Gucci/Waka falling out that was kept under wraps by sending tracks back and forth via e-mail, but a much different thing when the public catches glimpse of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Alex Olson, the non-spotlight side of this massive controversy, took some time to clear his head over foreign borders, and was possibly ousted from the United States in light of this career-altering event. Sometimes, you just want to contemplate life, love and literature, and maybe film a solid tailslide flip out on a ledge to show your opponent you’re not letting up that easily.

He took some other handsome skateboarders and the Quiksilver credit card over there as well. Features Alex Olson, Torey Goodall and Pat O’Rourke, with special guests Pryce Holmes and Dario Phillips.

Saturday Morning Links: New Jersey Edition

Shit just got real!

Clips from the Quiksilver Canadia tour are starting to emerge on the internet, and the obvious highlight is from beloved northeastern videographer, William Strobeck. Quiksilver threw the clip up on YouTube. If you’re in the mood for something mildly less refined, yet all the more whimsical, Rob has been posting some flip cam clips over on his website that are worth checking out.

This video of Leo Heinert for AM New York (as in, “After Midnight New York,” not the free newspaper you get. Companies really need to start getting more conscious of giving themselves un-Googleable names) is two minutes of skating through Midtown-on-a-weekday-afternoon pedestrian traffic, so it’s a welcome change of pace from all the ever-so-ubiquitous “cruising in da NYC” videos that come out a few times a year.

A bit old, but this video of Stefan, who you probably see every other day at 12th & A, is also pretty sick. Dude needs to put out a full-on video part.

Black Dave, Kevin, and Yaje pretending like they’re not stoned while doing interviews for Vice regarding the new Maloof Park.

And since this is the New Jersey post, while not an underrated part since it’s not quite a “real” part, this self-made Quim part is on the shortlist of video parts people should watch on a regular basis. The fact that kids in the comments are hating on it just goes to show you how retarded a lot of younger skaters are these days (it’s those goddamn video games.) The switch flip over the barrier at Union alone is up there as one of the most insane tricks ever done in New York. Period.

If you smoke cigarettes, you truly lost this week. But if you drink soda, it’s time to sigh in relief.

Quote of the Week:
— Rich Lady Kicking Us Out of Mercer Street Gap in Her Bathrobe at 2 A.M.: “Are you out of your minds? Do you have any idea what time it is? People here are trying to sleep!!!
— Galen Dekemper: “But I thought this was on the city that never sleeps.
— Rich Lady Kicking Us Out of Mercer Street Gap in Her Bathrobe at 2 A.M.: [after long pause of bewilderment] “You have to be REALLY naïve to take that literally!

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