That super fly, dirty dirty, third coast, muddy water…

Woke up in Jackson, Mississippi, which had maybe one decent spot downtown (a downtown with maybe two places to eat.) Cruised the city for a bit, or long enough to notice that maybe 10% of the houses there are burned down, and hit the road.

Made it through Birmingham to Atlanta, which was wet. So no skateboarding was happening there.

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Free Lil’ Boosie!

Drove to Baton Rouge for to skate some not-too-flattering spots. Was hoping to come up on a “Free Boosie” tee, but didn’t even know how to begin going about that situation.

This ledge definitely looks like it has seen better days. Dudes must have really went in on this block however many years back.

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Spots to Skate in New Orleans

The most logical thing to do when looking for spots in a different city is to go downtown. Follow the big buildings, and you’ll find some stuff basically. Well New Orleans has the most barren downtown I’ve seen, short of maybe Springfield, Massachusetts. There are some cutty, rough spots that would be a Watermelon video paradise though.

No clue why anyone bothered to quick-crete this thing, it’s absolutely insane. Curb in front, gigantic cracks, etc.

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Day 2: Alaska in Atlanta

Drove all the way to Atlanta from Charlotte, only to show up and have it be eighteen degrees and snowing upon arrival.

Somehow, everyone says there are no street spots in downtown Atlanta (or that they are all knobbed), but I saw at least fifteen that looked fine. 285 cutting through downtown is really the best-looking piece of auxiliary road in America, and lives up to the Youngbloodz song made in its honor.

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