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Is E.T. still in Spain? Photo by Zach Baker

New spring goods now live on Just don’t expect a text back from Pryce.

but is E.T. still in Spain?

Over the weekend, there was a scare that Shorty’s was being demolished. Although it ended up being a miscommunication between the city and a private company, part of the structure was demolished, but much of the spot remains in tact. The Shorty’s crew met with the mayor of Newark today, and you can read an update here.

Jason Byoun wallies off of snow.

Bunches and bunches of interviews this week…

Super refreshing to see an interview with a nineties pro from the east coast that doesn’t tread the bitter waters that cover so many recollections of that time period. Chromeball interview #99 is with civil engineer, Andy Stone. Anndd Twitter’s saying the newly surfaced footage of him belongs in the Smithsonian.

Speedway Mag posted its extended interview with Josh Stewart about the entire Static series on the occasion of Theories’ ten-year anniversary. (The edited version originally appeared on the Keen Distribution site if some bits seem familiar.)

Pontus Alv interviews Johnny Wilson and then Pontus Alv interviews Bobby Puleo.

Cafe Creme blog interviewed R.B. Umali.

A Minnesotan asks a good question: why isn’t Chicago a bigger deal in skateboarding?

“Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Jim Greco boils.” As discussed last week, skateboarding has doubled down on angst while angsty icons of the 2000s have rebranded themselves with a newfound focus on straightforward skateboarding. Boil the Ocean considers our age of the self-concious comeback in skateboarding.

Consult aforelinked Andy Stone interview for context on why people still fawn over 411 videos. Tennyson comes through with another compilation, this time an eleven-minute mash-up Carl Shipman and Tom Penny, maybe the only guy out there who can keep your attention with twenty-year-old contest footage :)

This Rowan Zorilla Instagram comp is a good time.

The Northern Co. goes all-city in their five-minute “Summer Trip to New York” montage. (Ok fine, they don’t go to Staten Island — has there ever been a truly all-city summer montage though?)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week Year[?]: Who is James Harden again?

Quote of the Week
Conor Prunty: “It took me like two years to learn how to ollie.”
Jesse Alba: “My dad is still learning how to ollie, he’s been skating for like 40 years.”


Gotta get back on it, sorry :(

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In honor of Ben E.T. recently inducting himself into america’s retail workforce, Quarter Snacks is celebrating with a minute and forty-five seconds of B-Footage of the man himself. It’s mostly just stuff that wasn’t adorable enough to be fit into montages, so take it as you will. A montage is coming really soon…with that Morrisey song that was promised…

Dipset is officially lame, because this is bar-none, the worst thing I have ever seen. First, the hipsters start to ruin them, and now this. They can all collectively say “No Homo” over the world’s largest megaphone and they’ll still be homo for this.

And to all you assholes who make my day that much harder to get through by screaming “Ballllliiiiinnnn” whenever you get the chance, you should watch the best episode of Dipset cartoons yet, number six Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 can be found here.

There’s no photo to accompany this, but the Sweet and Low Factory ledges in downtown Brooklyn have been skatestopped.

The Hamilton Park pyramids have allegedly been already fenced off as well.

Visit Platinum Seagulls because they show love for Zebra Cakes.

Free Download: Weekend Warriors

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Go to to download the “Weekend Warriors” video for free. It’s available in the typical .m4v format which is used for video iPods, but you could watch it in Quicktime if you’re not down with the iPod scene.