Premiere/Video Reviews Part 2

There aren’t any premiere’s for a week and a half, so this is the last video review for a little while, but here’s the final review installment for this video-filled weekend: Nike SB: Nothing But the Truth.

Nike rented out the most famous theatre in New York City to premiere a skate video – most of the people who see us ruining their ledges a mere twenty feet away from the theatre probably just assumed skateboarders were all homeless. Beyond that, they are pretty good hosts: free popcorn, soda, and Nike chocolate bars. And hot girls in skimpy outfits passing out candy. This really could’ve been a premiere for the Kastel comeback video, and still been a worthwhile outing when you take into account the particulars.

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86ed From the Bronx Park


You heard it here first.

Some information, photos, and teaser clips on the Nike SB video, Nothing But the Truth, set to release this fall.

Static III set to release “around” the weekend of September 21st.

While on the topic of videos, what happened to that New York skateboarding documentary that I linked to a trailer of around February?

Security guards are so cool.

The Wall Street Journal found some relevance in the topic of blank boards vs. company logo boards. Blank decks are evidently “killing the industry.” Sick.