Bubble Banks R.I.P.

January 24th, 2013 | 4:21 pm | Spot Updates | 46 Comments

k reed bubble banks

Kenny Reed — Late-ninetiesish — Photo by Mike O’Meally

The Bubble Banks are the first spot casualty of 2013.

The plaza is surrounded by barricades and all of the banks are being torn out from the ground. It was without doubt, the whitest spot in New York City. You’ll be hard pressed to find footage of an Asian, African American, Hispanic or even Native American skateboarder skating here. The banks were tough to skate, the cracks got worse with each passing winter, but it had been a midtown staple for so long with a lower bust factor than any other nearby spot. They weren’t much fun to skate, but at least the spot was photogenic. It’s still sad to see it go. The skateboarders and homeless people who slept here during the summers will miss it. R.I.P.

(Thanks to Nicholas for the tip and photo.)

bubble banks done

Party Heart

January 9th, 2012 | 8:50 am | Daily News | 7 Comments

There’s one bodega in the world with a QS board hanging in it, and it belongs to Wavy Mike. Much respect. Photo by TeamWorks NYC.

Boil The Ocean rightfully pointed out the insanity of the major skateboard-related headlines from the first week of the year — “Andy Roy Attempts To ‘Choke Out’ DMX Live Onstage” (even though it obviously wasn’t a choke out), “Jereme Rogers Arrested Following Nude, PCP-Fueled Hotel Rampage,” and “Brian Wenning Quits Selfish Skateboards Via Jereme Rogers Diss Track” (featuring a rapper with the same name as the Green Diamond video.) Looks like it’ll be a good year.

Who’s the genius responsible for this abomination of concrete work? Way to ruin one of the best ledges at the spot. Lurker Lou recomended the offender serve Jerry Duty: “The act of riding with Mraz, and looking out while he creates masterpieces.”

A lot more people would be filming New York subway clips if our subway stations looked anything like Sweden’s. Those high Scandinavian taxes really seem to go a long way.

It’s always fun to watch someone skate Los Angeles like it’s an east coast city.

An interview with Bill Pierce that discusses the “Busenitz of British music,” among other things. Also, Stripes is a great movie (and on Netflix Instant.) It’s kinda what we all imagined Miles’ military career to be like.

If you want a high-quality .mov version of Missing Persons, which was definitely one the better NYC-based web videos from 2011, you can download it here.

Rob Campbell has an ad in the new issue of Transworld.

Spot Updates: 1) The black marble spot from last week’s post is already knobbed, which isn’t the least bit surprising. The entire time we were eyeing it, we assumed they’d knob it before even taking down the construction blockades. 2) Whenever the Museum of Natural History’s front plaza opens back up (it has been blocked off for restoration since summer 2010), it’s going to have some decent (by New York standards) handrails in front.

Quote of the Week: “There are two guys in front of Tompkins with a sign that says ‘Free Advice.’ Brengar should sit down next to them with a sign that says ‘More Free Advice.’” — Bill Strobeck

Ball Forever > Rich Forever. “Party Heart” is a jam though. After all, it does say “featuring 2 Chainz” on it. Someone in the YouTube comments said “All this needed was OutKast” and they are 900% correct.

Trife Look of the Week

September 20th, 2011 | 1:53 pm | Daily News | 5 Comments

It’s always interesting when there’s a person lying unconscious, who could just as easily be dead, on the steps of a known two-second bust skate spot without any sort of attention from the security window a mere forty feet away. Especially when everyone knows damn well that the guards would run out of the building up in arms the second you threw your board down on the plaza.

Looking dead in the middle of Midtown > Skateboarding in it.

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Skate Spot Porn

June 10th, 2011 | 10:41 am | Spot Updates | 10 Comments

There are no nude, pornographic photos in this post. Yet, the post is pornographic because your indulgence in these images will more than likely be superficial. If you have been above 14th Street in the past month, you probably know that they renovated the Grace Ledge Plaza, and it came out better than every skatepark in New York City combined. You are also probably aware that it is more or less under twenty-four hour security. Just for kicks, we updated the spot page for it so you can drool on your keyboard.

(Click here for a panoramic photo of the entire spot)

Below is the only known footage of the spot. Predictably, it’s at night. If anyone sees these kids around, ask them if they used tranquilizer darts or a cloth with chloroform on it. (Solid clip by the way. Backing the dirty lens and the Houston Park 5050.)

Links for a Rainy Monday (Bulls in 6)

May 16th, 2011 | 11:30 am | Daily News | 13 Comments

The upcoming week’s forecast looks pretty nice. Six straight days of rain. That shouldn’t stop you from skating though, especially if you’re unemployed, or your hours of employment are from 10 P.M. to 4 A.M.

The Flipmode affiliates have put together a four-minute throwaway clip to one of Big L’s more famously vulgar outings. “You know, they built you guys a skatepark so you wouldn’t skate here.”

A reel of Billy McFeely’s footage from the Caviar video, raw and without the music.

Torey Pudwill would be more exciting if he continued this trend of simple trick based, quick set-up lines on actual skate spots instead of kickflip back lip to back tailslide kickflip outs on ledges behind chain stores. With that being said, Plan B opting for the simpler, more stylish route on the promo makes us hope that the actual part would be more in that vein, and that’s certainly welcome.

Adam Abada’s journey through Europe on his skateboard. It’s not a journey from Milan to Minsk, but few have been so ambitious.

They can’t wait to start kicking you out of this thing. (Yes, it’s in midtown. And yes, it has been put in place of another former skate spot.)

Speaking of midtown, in addition to the planters, and the outdoor nightly security at Ziegfeld, they adopted the Penn Plaza measure of blockading off the entire plaza (typically done to deter crackheads, but with minimal results), most likely because they were afraid of someone putting the Quartersnacks undervalued labor market program into action.

This is so corny. (Has no relation to skateboarding.)

Quote of the Week:That ad [on Spring Street and Broadway] reminds me of the last time I did acid and why I will never do it again.” — Anonymous Degenerate

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