Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2015 | 2:42 am | Video & Remixes | 13 Comments


We’ve been making these clips for over ten years. This is literally the eleventh one, which might make it the longest running web clip in the cluttered history of the #skateboardinternet. This also may be the year where we lightened up a bit. The late weeknights in midtown didn’t happen — not like it feels like Christmas outside anyway. We did make it up to Lenox [once] though, got Tyler Tufty out for a sesh, and skated a stump [twice]. Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for their support this year.

Features Matt Perez, Jesse Alba, Elijah Cole, Conor Prunty, Connor Champion, Troy Stilwell, C.J., Emilio Cuilan, Tyler Tufty, Keith Denley, Ishod Wair, Chris Millic, Max Palmer, Zach Baker, Kohlton Ervin, Jack Sabback.

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Also worth noting that Paul Young uploaded Bleach in full to YouTube, in the event that you need some holiday viewing after you’ve re-watched Tom Knox’s Vase part for the fifteenth time ;)

P.S. A new all-time great Christmas song.