Friday (the 13th) Afternoon Special

July 13th, 2007 | 4:11 pm | Video & Remixes | 54 Comments

Although we’re trying to hold all of the recent footage for a certain something that shall be disclosed later this summer, here’s some throwaways from a late-night mission at World Trade Center that was unfortunatley detered by a lack of a light and some wonderfully “clean” tricks. All of you white balance nerds should beware of the brightness/contrast boosting. Clip after the jump.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the 1977 blackout.

Now, since I posted something skateboarding related, I have an excuse to carry on about rap, and rap’s more well-paid cousin, basketball (even though the post-Allen Iverson NBA is a rap video in and of itself)…

Stephon Marbury (high on something) on “Mike’d Up:” We may no longer have wonderful players like Chris Childs who punch people like Kobe during games, but this interview shows that New York still has its fair share of characters. (If you have a short attention span, watch the last third of the interview.)

Master P Theatre: Volume 1 He’s easily made some bad career moves (i.e. going from owning the best-selling label in rap music to filing for bankrupcy a few years later), it’s good to see Percy Miller re-interested in providing his fans with priceless entertainment. There will without-a-doubt be a review for Black Supa Man on QS when it drops.

Although my mentor Jeezy the Snowflake may have rightly “fired shots” at his, as rappers do, but out of all the dumb jewelry rappers blow money on, Gucci Mane has the best chain by a long shot.

When No Homo Goes Wrong – Part 1: Far and away the best thing to happen to American culture in the past fifty or sixty years.

Important Things

August 25th, 2006 | 3:10 am | Daily News | No Comments

Little Kevin robbed and sliced by a gang of wild, domino-playing Dominicans while searching for a top secret Washington Heights super-spot.

Master P recently announced that he is signing to Lil’ Romeo’s “label,” thus indirectly proclaiming the end of any potential revival in the greatest label in Hip-Hop history, No Limit, The New No Limit or any other pseudonyms that he may have used for his life’s work. Click Here to read the official Quarter Snacks statement on this tragedy.

Xavier at Ninja Status posted a pretty cute update a few days ago. Except Kevin was cut by box-cutter wielding Dominicans, not a skateboard.

We regret to inform you that starting September 1st, 2006, ownership of this site will be ceded to the people responsible for this masterpiece.