Enough Moncler For 16 Winters

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The aliens took it.

The webstore is now open with holiday goods. Arriving at European shops this week. Available in U.S. and Japan shops now. Arriving Korea, Canada and Australia next week. Thanks every for the support, really means a lot ♥♥♥ Stockist list here.

You’ve seen Keith work a 9-to-5, now see him shred Pulaski!

With Canada Day a mere seven months away, let’s get the party started with some videos from our neighbors to the north! Our bud and Dime logistics extraordinaire, Guillaume Thibault, has a new 20-minute video entitled Parkour. If Dime videos are Baker vids, this is like…a Shake Junt video…or something? It’s a good time. And the Swiss O.G. 2000 boys linked up with Clubgear for a ten-minute video entitled Cialis. Stoked for the comments to get flooded with spam links for dick pills. Perfect.

Others are less enthused about Canada Day being around the corner. “Absolutely No Dime Clothing. Shit is ugly AF.”

House of Vans is slated to close after this coming summer :(

“I mean, you can’t go too far with it. You don’t want to make it perfect, you know? But fixing a spot, modifying a spot is all right. As long as you don’t go too far with it.” New Jersey Governor, Fred Gall, talks to Village Psychic about the unwritten codes behind fixing crusty spots and finding guns stashed at skate spots.

Kevin Coakley wants all da smoke. Theories is also hosting a remix contest for his Traffic part. Shout out to the Jason Byoun remix contest though.

Dirt River” is a montage out of Copenhagen with a lot of friends in it. Cameos from Nik Stain, Hjalte, Chris Millic, etc.

I think this new “Summer Trip to New York” iPhone edit is actually the first footage of someone skating the back hubba on the Amsterdam side of Lincoln Center? Or no? The runway is shit but surprised more people haven’t gone for it.

Worried about everyone’s mental health if and when another store opens up at the liquor store bump in Bed-Stuy. Sleep Skateboards has a new, mostly-NY montage.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Honestly didn’t watch any games last week, but here’s Demarcus Cousins explaining the plot of Titanic, although this will forever be the best piece of Titanic-related #content.

Quote of the Week: “I wonder how good Jesse would be if he took skateboarding seriously. Probably like…Shane O’Neill.” — Corey Rubin re: Jesse Alba

You know I ain’t been on the train since tokens was in

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You can still hop that joint?

Stereo sucks, but they posted some footage of Adrian Vega that is more than worth your time. Perhaps the only redeeming factor of the Union Square demise that occurred last year is the (hopefully) impending trend of propping up tree grates Temple University style over the seemingly useless metal posts scattered about the perimeter of the the park. [*I’m actually not 100% sure that is Union but it looks like it.]

I know people around here tend to get offended whenever there’s a God forbid, non-skateboarding related post, but if you are a fan of Switch Michael Strobert’s work on the Mind Field Re-Edit, you should probably give this a quick watch. If you hate it, oh well.

The previously discussed lack of a rail over the six at FedEX is no longer.

Good luck with this one.

I completely forgot that this was even put online, but watch Can’t Ban the Snackman 2 if you haven’t seen it already.

Quote of the Week:Only real fucking whores go out in January.” – Roc


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Dylan Reider signs a contract with Church’s wingtips for the company to begin working on a skateboarding line.

On a happy note, Justin White put up a very happy, and joyful montage.

Remember that hubba Heath 50505ed in his Sight Unseen part? Well, they turned it into this and this. Luckily, there is a cop posted in front 24/7.

Quote of the Week:


Last Night’s Skate Spots

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Every now and then, you have a brilliant idea to go skateboarding drunk at 3 in the morning on a Friday night in a neighborhood that you typically avoid during the wee hours of the night. Features Matthew Mooney and Miles Marquez. It is great how the Beljuhly Banks are still an immediate bust at three thirty in the morning.

The Top 10 Worst Skate Spots in New York City

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Through all walks of life, we, as people, encounter many other individuals on their own path of existence. Some of these people we will appreciate, while most usually incite a feeling of indifference, or pure hatred on the basis of them spitting when they talk, their political beliefs or a tendency to say “nigga” all the time when they lack the necessary melanin to be granted such a privilege would be several examples of sources of dislike. When such a person happens to come within our circle of human interaction, we try our best to avoid them, although commonly, it grows to be an impossibility – whether you have a friend who buys PCP off of that given person or female friend thinks this person’s rub-on tanned face and spiked, bleached hair goes well with the XS Armani shirt from the children’s department that the given asshole may be wearing – it is not possible for one to simply surround themselves with those who they approve of. In a similar fashion, skateboarding happens to sprout numerous associations with inanimate objects known as spots, and while it is simple to merely avoid a given hellhole [most likely on Avenue A and 9th Street] when you are journeying throughout the cool summer night on your own four wheels with no one else around you, one’s associates commonly drag opposing parties via excuses like “We’ll only be there for five minutes” or “I just need to give something to someone real quick” and wind up breaking the agreement. This is a guide to the top ten places within the city’s five boroughs [although strangely enough, all ten are located within the borough that spells “unproductive” when you look at it through a mirror] that you should avoid if you are looking to avoid several hours of relentless torment.