2 A.M., on the 91 freeway, lookin’ spooky…

In honor of the weather this past weekend, nighttime skateboarding was kept close to home, instead of on a seventy-mile ride north to skate Connecticut’s superior brand of ledges, which is what the typical weekend evening protocol tends to be around here. The night was something special, given that Midtown presented itself in 2003 form, with packs of roaming kids (more than usual for a Saturday) taking turns getting kicked out of Paine Webber and Ziegfeld in five minute intervals. Seeking refuge, we made it over to the eastside, got kicked out of everywhere on Park in under five minutes due to the fact that the other packs of kids put security on their toes five minutes prior, and managed to stay at the chain gap across from the Lipstick Building on the Japanese block for a solid hour. That’s the only spot in Midtown you don’t get kicked out of — the 53rd Street chain gap. Sad.

Oh, there was a mini rave going on at Paine Webber as well.

We made it back over to the westside late enough to not get kicked out and filmed this quick homie cam clip over there. Lots of stock tricks and shaking, but by some miraculous stroke of fate, there is no dirt on the lens.

Features Ty Lyons, Galen Dekemper, Miles Marquez, and Josh Velez. Filmed by Andre Page and Miles Marquez. Photo above by Andre Page.

P.S. We’re looking for a pork rind (or beer) sponsor for a cross-country voyage, any interest may be directed to info [at] quartersnacks [dot] com.

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Making Moves at Night

It’s the summertime, and that means more sweltering late nights of trying to skate once the temperature drops, like, four degrees. And the humidity stays the same. Going downtown during the day or on a weekend is more or less counterproductive, so the late night mission seems to be the most viable option for skating spots in excess of six seconds before some retard rolls up, breaks a window, and gets everyone kicked out.

Here’s a clip mixed together from a couple of late nighters, some of these nights involved alcohol, others did not, see if you can figure out which ones. There’s a sick Brandon Turner switch noseslide homage in there as well. It was clearly meant to be a switch crook, but think of it as a two-in-one combo move.

Features Billy Rohan, Galen Dekemper, Miles Marquez, Ty Lyons, Matthew Mooney, and Rodney Sterling. Special guest commentary by Geo Moya.


If you haven’t seen any of the other QS nightly chronicles, there are two from 2008 embedded after the jump.

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Another All Nighter


Last night marked probably the first time in its thirty year history that a group of individuals met up at the Fish to go skateboarding. So here is another clip full of skateboarding antics and annoying reminders of the time. Filming skateboarding during any period before 2AM seems to have rendered itself a pretty useless process since it often leads to dead ends, kickouts, annoying pedestrians, and the lack of the fresh, first-thing-in-the-morning smell of bacon.

Features Miles Marquez, Ty Lyons, Isak Buan, Francesco Pini

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Last Night’s Skate Spots


Every now and then, you have a brilliant idea to go skateboarding drunk at 3 in the morning on a Friday night in a neighborhood that you typically avoid during the wee hours of the night. Features Matthew Mooney and Miles Marquez. It is great how the Beljuhly Banks are still an immediate bust at three thirty in the morning.

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