Meet at MACBA at Midnight For Molly

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

In another life, she was a skater.

The best montage series going: Some forward-thinking front 5050 back 180s, #interesting Chinatown Manual Pad decisions, great cameos, and Tom Knox entering the third dimension of skating the knobbed Verizon Banks in the New York edition of Isle and co’s “Atlantic Drift” series.

The best interview series going: Josh Kalis x Bobshirt goes on for nearly an hour and there’s never a dull moment. Shout out to doing varial heels out of spite.

“And you’ll get stabbed if you break the hunger strike?” “Oh yeah.” Getting locked up was a big topic on the skate interview circuit this past week. The Bunt’s latest is with Brandon Turner. Still waiting on that Muska and/or Shorty’s Epicly Later’d.

Observing the earth with Clubgear (+ cameos via Antisocial, Dime, anything Canadian and hot in the streets), and apparently everyone on earth is a nerd via 30 Purse. Both clips are pretty fire, and “All There” is so perfect.

Every couple of years, somebody will put out a novelty edit in Timberlands, and with Prodigy’s passing, now is as good of a time as any. Here’s an unsolicited link to the only Timbs footage you need though ;)

Joey Pepper has a quick intro video for Politic. It’s only thirty seconds long, but here is a link to rewatch this wonderful Joey Pepper remix from ~2012ish.

Jesse Alba and Lance Mountain skate Lenox. Jk, but waiting on the Wingus full-length.

An attempt at being productive in the spot-deprived abyss that is Atlantic City.

A few minutes of throwaway footage from the Bluecouch crew, and a reminder of the enduring legacy held by that “bank” to “ledge” on 16th Street as the worst spot in New York that people still continue to skate. Someone said they got a ticket there one time and that’s the most “lol at your life” story ever ;) Forget who it was though.

Do not recall the last time there was footage of it, but Paine Webber is fenced off for construction. Can’t tell if they’re getting rid of the benches just yet. Would be pretty tragic if they do, considering it’s probably the last remaining iconic midtown spot to not undergo any major renovation or knobbing.

QS Sports Desk: In light of the Rudy Gay Spurs news, we’re reinstating the Sports Desk during the offseason to point you in the direction of the greatest basketball video of all time. Also, Twitter after the T.H.J. Knicks signing was so therapeutic.

Quote of the Week: “I saw the coolest dog today. Sometimes that’s all you need.” — James from Labor

Ian Reid’s Video: Bootlegs & B-Sides

As of June 15th, Ian Reid’s Video Remix is available. Instead of writing a review for it, I figured we’d do something else. While all versions of the videos contain similar boobs and antics, the skating in each one tends to change more than anything else, even though it’s prioritized as third in the Sex, Hood, Skate and Videotape title. The following videos are small sections that were filtered out as the video got cut down or drastically different sections from the first edition of the video, when it was still called Tales From the Hood and passed around on DVD-R, before it became an internet sensation.

Rodney Torres Section
…also featuring Moya, Joey Alvarez and some other people. Pretty much none of this footage saw its was into the video once it saw wider distribution. There’s some gems in there from the late-90s though.

Original Chris Schiafone Part, Lil’ Jason, Charles Lamb & Philly Section
Schiafone’s part in all subsequent versions of the video was about three times longer than it is here, but he didn’t skate to Lil’ Flipper over a Pimp C vocal sample. Lil’ Jason didn’t make it into future versions and a lot of the Philly footage didn’t either.

Kyle James Bonus Section
Dubbed as “A ‘Real’ New York Legend,” you’d have to be an idiot to disagree. Anyone who can do switch 360 flips in Timbs, not to mention somebody whose entire roll of footage is filmed on either borrowed or stolen boards definitley deserves the “legend” title.

Brian Wenning & Ian Reid – First Edit
This is the first edit of their part, when they skated to the “Line ‘Em Up” instrumental. About 25% of this footage made it into the cuts that are around today, which are significantly more updated than this one, granted it’s a lot of Photosynthesis-era Wenning footage. The intro is pretty funny, although R-rated, so I couldn’t put it on Youtube.
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Make sure you pick up the remix video because Mooney has a trick in it.