Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2009 | 9:38 am | Video & Remixes | 5 Comments


Usually, I start these things some time around the 20th or 21st of December and see how I like them over the next couple of days before Christmas. This time around, I started about 2 hours before midnight on Christmas. So, a lot of hours in FCP, a few dozen cross dissolves, and three or four coffees later, this is what I came up with.

Its a typical QS December 25th / End of the year mood piece with pianos and shit. Handycams, flip cams and some three-chips here and there. Dusty and dirty lenses and bad filming on my part included of course.

You know the drill — part one is the homies, part two is the roster. It is the fifth year anniversary of QS Christmas clips and I think next year is bound for a full-scale Weiss comeback to his former 2005 glory. Hopefully they re-model Lincoln Center with something that he can kickflip nose manual this time next year.

Features: Adrian Vega, some Boston dudes, German Nieves, Allen Siegler, Ian from Union, Dennis Feliciano, Keith Denley, Jersey Dave, the Gothic Raver, Alex, Shawn Powers, Staten Island Adrian, Tohmi Shiroyama, Ty Lyons, Aaron Szott, Danny Weiss blowing it as usual, Isak Buan, Francesco Pini, Taji Ameen, Kevin Teirney, Ian Reid, Pad Dowd, Galen Dekemper, Miles Marquez, Thando Beschta, Benjamin Nazario, Matthew Mooney, Vladimir Kirilenko, DJ Roctakon.

Thanks to everyone who contributed footage: Justin White, Jimmy Marketti, David Spodofora, Dennis Feliciano, JP Blair, Anthony Beckner, Alex Rialdi, Pad Dowd, Joe Cups.

A Quarter Snacks Christmas

December 25th, 2008 | 1:16 am | Video & Remixes | 41 Comments


This year, the Christmas clip features Leo Gutman, Keith Denley, Jake Johnson, Brendan Granstrand, Billy Rohan, DJ Roctakon, Thando Beschta, Miles Marquez, Matthew Mooney, Kevin Tierney, Ty Lyons, Pryce Holmes, Charles Lamb, Benjamin Nazario, Danny Weiss (!), Todd Jordan, Taji Ameen, Ryan Hickey and Switch Michael Strobert Sr. Contributed footage by Brengar, Justin White and Jeremy Scott Cohan.

Unfortunatley, we were unable to top the almost nine-minute mark of last year’s clip, largely due to weather related reasons, i.e. the fact that it snowed in December for the first time in about five years (or maybe I’m exagerrating). We still managed to pull of one last emergency session last night in upper-twenty degrees. I think there are less frontside shove-its in this clip than there were in last year’s. Shame.

Have a happy and safe Christmas.

The Greatest Quartersnacks Clip Ever

December 13th, 2008 | 2:17 pm | Video & Remixes | 31 Comments


I am proud to present the sequel to arguably the greatest achievement in internet filmmaking of all time — Ooh Wee: Volume 2.

Features Striped bass, Harry Jumonji, Jake Johnson, Taji Ameen, Billy Rohan, Keith Denley, Watermelon Alex, Kevin Tierney, Miles Marquez, Leo Gutman, Thando Beschta, Pryce Holmes, Ryan Hickey (sort of), Ted Barrow, and a bunch of crack addicts. Edited by Michael Gigliotti. Filmed by Brengar.

There Will Be Blog

October 18th, 2008 | 4:10 pm | Daily News | 12 Comments


According to the gentlemen from the 7th precinct, Astor Place, in the form that it has been beloved for over twenty years, will soon be altered forever. Some asshole in the city’s public works / parks department had a brilliant idea to put a bunch of sand all over the middle of the street, throw some benches and planters on top of it, and distinctly position these excuses for public spaces in the middle of the street. They already re-did the entire middle of the street areas by the Flatiron building (you could see the sandboxes for grownups to left of this picture, and from an aerial view, also to the left.) Well, Astor place is soon to fall victim to this unbridled act of stupidity. The entire Astor throughway, on the southern end of the cube, relative to 8th Street is going to be closed off and turned into a public park so a bunch of scumbags paying overpriced rent could sit there and drink coffee.

The History of Skate Shoes

Although this has the typical cringe-inducing outsider perspective on skateboarding that seems like it was previously written about some drunk daredevil who jumped gorges in the southwest, The New York Times published an article on Van Wastell.

Transworld likes Kevin

Police Informer posted the original article that accompanied the history of New York write-up from Strength Magazine back in 1996. Features the best olden-days New York photos you’ll ever see.

They also wanted to know what happened to Mike Wright. To answer: he’s at Virgin Megastore across from Union Square selling his footage tape and “I Skate NY” shirts. In the words of Harold Hunter, “My man is thirsty, son.

Quote of the Week:I talk to Thando all the time on iChat. He’s always lying there on his bed with his shirt off.” – Danny Weiss
Ayyyyoooo” – Miles Marquez
You heard me.” – Danny Weiss

Gotta Support the Team

September 8th, 2008 | 3:58 pm | Daily News | 12 Comments


Now and then.

Speaking of self-made video parts, here is this asshole’s.