An Interview with Jimmy Gorecki AKA Jimmy Sweatpants

July 26th, 2013 | 5:44 am | Features & Interviews | 22 Comments


This website has been known to dwell on sweatpants in some great detail. Former Aesthetics teamrider (undoubtedly one of the most fashion-forward skateboard companies ever) and our good friend, Jimmy Gorecki, recently launched a company dedicated entirely to sweatpants. So, it was only appropriate that we sat down with him to discuss this latest venture and the journey sweats have had in skateboarding.


Why’d you decide to start a sweatpants company?

I have always just really enjoyed putting on a pair of sweats with a decent pair of sneakers and a basic tee shirt. Growing up, I looked up to guys like Josh Kalis and Rob Welsh. Obviously, these guys pioneered sweats in skateboarding. Off the board though, sweats were always though part of the cultures I enjoyed most. As a teenager, I would stare at the 36 Chambers album cover. They were wearing sweats and times. That shit was next level to me.

JSP itself happened in a weird way. One day I was just messing around with Earl Sweatshirt [of Odd Future] and said “I’m Jimmy Sweatpants.” I threw it on my Twitter and didn’t think anything of it. I showed up to one of the Street Leagues and someone was just like “Why don’t you just make sweatpants? You always wear them, and it’s already sticking with the Twitter name.” I put some thought into it. In downtown L.A., you could get anything you want made, so I started doing it as a one-off thing.

Where are you at with it right now, is it like a full brand or a small thing for one-offs?

It’s a small operation for now. I have one partner, and I want to grow it as organically as possible. I would love to make it the New Era of sweatpants down the line, but obviously that’s a ultimate dream goal. After I put the first run out, there were multiple brands that reached out to me like, “We’ve been trying to do sweats domestically for a couple years and you hit the nail on the head in a couple of months.” Everyone goes to Canada or China to produce them. I don’t know if it was the right place at the right time, but we were able to source a good fleece and sample a couple different fits that were comfortable.

Spring Break Forever

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kt and sp

And my world is colorsPhoto by Emilio Cuilan.

Supreme London has a new video out that feels like a weird commercial you’d see at the end of a non-411 video magazine circa 2000, but in a good way.

In actual early-2000s non-411 video magazine news, uploaded Progression Video Magazine #2. It includes parts from Aaron Suski (shout to Rawkus), Pat Smith, Airto Jackson (who was a bit ahead of his time, especially by east coast standards), and a definitely ahead of his time, NY-heavy section from Dave Mayhew, which has Rodney Torres cameos and an insane ender at the Banks (it was unfortunately forgotten for our rap video skate part post.) In all honesty, if resources were no issue, the one dream article that would be perfect for QS is one of those “oral histories” about The Storm, the most misunderstood skate video of all time.

You know skateboarding is crazy when pro skaters have to release videos addressing their leaked dick pics. Note Europeans’ fervor regarding the suppression of sexuality in America throughout the Hella Clips comments. “Don’t worry, it’s fuckin’ art, dude.”

Rihanna loves Ishod Wair’s socks. She’s perfect. Also, Ishod has a new video interview about his Sabotage 3 part.

An early-2000s montage edited by Sho Ma.

Wow, this guy really wants a new board.

To nobody’s surprise, somebody combined a scooter and a pogo stick (you can get money for anything these days.) Can we expect a Lance Mountain Goldfish sequel?

Consumer Goods Updates: 1) Former Aesthetics rider, Jimmy Gorecki, started his own line of high-end sweatpants, called Jimmy Sweatpants. 2) Ripped Laces offers some thoughts on New Balance’s upcoming line of skate shoes.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Ricky Rubio’s double behind-the-back dribble drive. P.S. Some genius made a song about the QS Sports Desk’s favorite player.

Quote of the Week: “This place is Ted Narrow.” — Tyler Tufty regarding the width of a bar that Ted Barrow was working at.

A remix of Mark Suciu’s Sabotage part is going on The Skateboard Mag site tomorrow, so you guys can continue arguing. Hopefully, it’s not edited to any songs off The Blueprint 3.