100s on the Table, 20s on the Floor..

April 24th, 2007 | 5:29 pm | Daily News | 26 Comments

Enjoy the last day in the streak of good weather, cause it is raining tomorrow.

A while back, Mooney offered to trade me a new pair of sneakers if I re-edited his part from the snackman video with his new footage. Since I haven’t posted a random throwaway Youtube clip in a bit, here’s what came out.

In other QS Youtube nonsense, here’s a short clip from the Baby Steps New York trip in 2005 in honor of this summer-esque weather we’re having, since its complete with one of the greatest summer anthems ever. Some of the first few tricks have been in QS clips.

Typically, when your parents drop extra commas and you put yourself in debt so that you may get a college education, you want to get your money’s worth (usually never happens). But Miles chooses to spend his time more wisley by going to school in order to make comic strips about beer runs instead of going to class.

I went on the Slap Message Board for the first time in about two years the other day, and it reaffirmed my opinion of 95% of skateboarders being losers who talk way too much. Here’s what I’m talking about: The Brengar Appreciation Thread, andThe “Supreme isn’t a real skateshop” Thread (that’s a real original topic). I can’t wait until the “Quarter Snacks isn’t a real skate site” thread rolls around.

After many searches, minimal coverage of the hipster party I was talking about was found. This is the only video I found and it sucks.

Just in case you haven’t seen it already, the Billy Rohan Epicly Later’d TV episode is worth a watch. “To be honest, this [the TF] is the worst place to skate in New York City.

DC footage always looks interesting, so the new blog DailyCrack.net should keep you entertained for a bit.

I know all of you couldn’t wait for this one: Jim Jones Presents the Dipset Skate Team: Dipskate – Part 2. Switch Mike has reportedly been spotted in training, perfecting his sess slides in order to be put on.

If anyone is holding Sendspace/Rapidshare/MegaUpload/Etc links, Torrents, or anything like that to episodes of Hollyhood, please send them to me. This looks too good to miss. And while I’m at it, if anyone knows where there’s a copy of the Aesthetics video floating around on the interweb, drop the link in the comments.

For the record, even though it seems like something I’d do, I don’t run the Old Jeezy website. I’m flattered that anyone would think I’d be capable of such brilliance, but unfortunatley I am not. And I don’t know enough about the streetwear or sneaker game to pull it off. But remember, “IT WOULDNT MATTER IF U DRAPED 50,000 DOLLARS ON UR FAT FUCKIN BODY YOULL STILL BE A FUCKIN TUB.”

Take ‘Em Back to the White Lex Bubble

December 1st, 2006 | 1:26 am | Video & Remixes | No Comments

Well, in honor of Thug Motivation 102: The Inspiration making its way to various internet file-sharing circuits last night, I have felt motivated enough to to update the site with the accompaniment of this wonderful, inspiring work of modern upliftment.

Just random throwaways of footage with the traditional Quarter Snacks shitty filming, sketchy tricks or just really old stuff. It’s been more than a month since a clip, so its better than nothing.

Vimeo / YouTube / Direct Download [7.1MB / 1:47]

And why I haven’t been updating you ask? I’m trying to find a more workable format for updating in general (i.e. WordPress) because the whole site is done with Notepad and Photoshop, so typing textfiles every time I want to update gets really annoying. So while I settle reformatting issues, updates might be a bit slow. There’s still going to be more stuff than last month so keep checking. And I really need to get rid of the forum. More people use the comment option on updates for dicussions anyway, and the forum is really just a depository for porn advertisements from robots, so it’s really worthless.

And since this is really a Dipset gossip site disguised as a skate site, I’m a bit late on this, it is a classic by all means. Old Jim Jones Vs. New Jim Jones.

This is late too, but it’s new to me: Welcome to Zoo York City. Via the new best site on the internet, Skate Videos Online.net.

Ok I’m going to sleep. Stop bothering me about updating and thank the Snowman, not me, because without his inspirational words, this update would not have been possible. That’s riiiiiiiiight!

Minority Report Premieres

November 23rd, 2006 | 1:33 am | Daily News | No Comments

Clyde Singleton’s and The Skateboard Mag’s Video, Minority Report is premiering in New York on the 30th of November and the 2nd of December. On November 30th, it’s going to be at 205 (205 Chrystie Street in the Lower East Side) at 9PM, and at KCDC at 3PM and at Rival at 6PM on the 2nd. Click here for the trailer.

Edit: Official Minority Report Flyer (with info for premieres in other cities)

And on a completely unrelated note, many of you may be aware of my growing disdain for Jim Jones and his (swagger jacked) “Baaaaallllin” adlib that is almost as annoying as people who quote Dave Chapelle, well he has redeemed himself in my book. The single of the “Dipset Christmas” CD: Ballin’ On Christmas (mp3).

What’s Kool-aid?

October 26th, 2006 | 1:43 am | Daily News | No Comments

This isn’t really an update, but a referal to something that’s more entertaining than this site is anyway. I am a bit late on this, but The Chronicles of Piff Huxtable (clydesingleton.blogspot.com) is the type of thing that the internet exists for. It’s responsible for such great quotes like “and to add insult to injury, i asked one of the broads if they wanted some kool-aid, and i swear to everything she goes, “… uhh.. whats kool-aid?” moral to this story- there is none. these bitches were dumb, ugly and didnt know what kool-aid was.” or “ look down, and theres a black widow in my cornbread. A FUKKIN BLACK WIDOW!!! as any decent man would do, I immediately ran into action and swatted the spider onto my guh’rl, and saved the cornbread.” 99.99999% of rant blogs are terrible, but this lies in that .000001%.

And to all you “Balllllllinnnnnn'” assholes, Jim Jones is an idiot: “Dipset has one of the best skaters….skate teams….in Brooklyn. One of the biggest indoor skating rinks is actually in Brooklyn, I don’t know where it is…”

Updates this weekend. If anyone wants to sell me an iPod, get me my 37 gigs of music back, or give me a harddrive, let me know because both of them broke. I’m starting to remember why I used to hate iPods…

Your favorite website’s favorite website

October 4th, 2006 | 2:43 am | Video & Remixes | No Comments

In honor of Ben E.T. recently inducting himself into america’s retail workforce, Quarter Snacks is celebrating with a minute and forty-five seconds of B-Footage of the man himself. It’s mostly just stuff that wasn’t adorable enough to be fit into montages, so take it as you will. A montage is coming really soon…with that Morrisey song that was promised…

Dipset is officially lame, because this is bar-none, the worst thing I have ever seen. First, the hipsters start to ruin them, and now this. They can all collectively say “No Homo” over the world’s largest megaphone and they’ll still be homo for this.

And to all you assholes who make my day that much harder to get through by screaming “Ballllliiiiinnnn” whenever you get the chance, you should watch the best episode of Dipset cartoons yet, number six Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 can be found here.

There’s no photo to accompany this, but the Sweet and Low Factory ledges in downtown Brooklyn have been skatestopped.

The Hamilton Park pyramids have allegedly been already fenced off as well.

Visit Platinum Seagulls because they show love for Zebra Cakes.