The Criterion Collection: Jasonwear Day

August 26th, 2006 | 1:08 am | Daily News | No Comments

In every form of art, there are always those individuals that forever push the boundaries that re-define what can and cannot be done within the borders presented by the given medium. This is of course equivalent to what the Lumieré brothers did for cinema, what Charlie Parker did for jazz, what Freud did for psychology, what Rakim did for hip hop, etc. This unlikely pairing of a VX1000 without a fisheye, Ben E.T. with the afro, Jasonwear with the afro and Curtis Jackson before he wanted to take you to the candy shop could be considered the standard for all internet clips to this day. This masterpiece was previously believed to be lost due to facist supression of the arts, but was recently discovered in hiding on Peter Sidlauskas’ AKA Lord Flipmode’s harddrive. Click here to see the true definition of art.

Jasonwear Retrospective

August 4th, 2006 | 3:27 am | Video & Remixes | No Comments

As a true legend of the internet’s skateboarding multimedia community, it remains a mystery as to why Jasonwear fell off the face of the earth. Some have reported seeing him in the hallways of Columbia University, with a barrage of schoolbooks in his hands, others insist that he tried to sell them books on the Hare Krishna Movement on Houston Street, and a select few swear they saw him lying in a puddle under the Astor Place Cube. Wherever he may be, this is a retrospective on the man’s many great moments on the internet, and several others that you were not cool enough to see.

Heat Wave 2006

July 19th, 2006 | 3:31 am | Video & Remixes | No Comments

In honor of this wonderful weather we are having, here is a gift from everyone at Quarter Snacks for all of you sitting home waiting for the sun to go down so you can go skate. It’s a 3 minutes and fifteen seconds long and features Ben E.T., Jason Gordon of Baby Steps fame, Pryce Holmes, Jasonwear, Matt Mooney, Ty Lyons, Thando and Rob Campbell. Thanks a lot to Sean Sader for sending me a lot of this footage because we previously thought it was gone forever. Otherwise, there was a little bit of a re-vamp going on to make the site a little bit easier to navigate through, so hopefully, the layout now is a bit more practical.