End of the Month / Seasonal Depression Links

January 31st, 2011 | 4:14 pm | Daily News | 6 Comments

This forecast is absolute murder. The ghost of winter 2010-2011 is definitely going to leave many reminders in our springtime recovery efforts, as well.

Japanese MTV ran a New York sightseeing bit on Supreme back in 1996. It’s a time warp into what skating seems to have looked like fifteen years ago: World Industries boards still up on the wall, a copy of Mouse in the video display, bulky-ass skate shoes, Triple Five Soul being down Lafayette Street (That actually lasted much longer than 1996, but unless you were trying to keep swooshy cargo pants or army green bucket hats with stash pockets alive, that probably had little bearing on your existence), and Nas in his Raekwon-envying, confused, chipped tooth era.

Assuming you’re like most people who skateboard and check Crailtap regularly, you have already seen this. In case you missed it, the latest Mini DV Drawer features the B-roll version of Mike Carroll’s masterwork of a downtown Los Angeles line from Fully Flared. I wonder what the original fakie flip inclusive rendition was, before it got switched to the switch frontside 180 / backside flip combo.

Although this website has never really been on some naïve message board nonsense by dwelling too hard (or at all) on skateboarding’s duo of most visible representatives (aside from occasionally complimenting Ryan on his New York based skate tricks)… Sheckler and Dyrdek are really fucking these kids up by endorsing something called “Bill My Parents.”

Some late-90s New Jersey footage from Robert Brink over at Already Been Done. It’s an over four-year-old upload, but it’s new to me. Features some raw Tim O’Connor and Pancho Moler footage, plus shots of the beloved Hoboken Ledges.

The Chrome Ball Crack Rock Incident presents the Hubba Hideout photo collective.

A token Norwegian has done his best in channeling one of the more difficult endeavors in Southern California schoolyard bank skating, by skating the parallel six-stair rails at the brick section of Columbia from the actual incline. Well done.

There are some new ledges in Boston, they look beveled, but the good ground would probably make up for that. Hopefully the snow covering the northeast right now thaws out by July.

Howard Glover has uploaded the Brooklyn section of his Pre-2K video onto Vimeo. Half of the four minutes is set at the best spot to ever reside on Kings County soil. Billy Rohan insists that the Parks Department stores all of the marble they remove from renovations in some warehouse, i.e. it never simply gets thrown out. We should write up a letter telling them to keep their skate parks, and just install a few skate friendly plazas throughout the city with already-skated-on marble.

They have security guards watching that stupid wall on Bowery & Houston now. Art game is intense, bro.

Quote of the Week:Tanqueray is like drinking a Christmas.” — Ben Nazario

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Video Review: Pre-2k

June 11th, 2010 | 6:50 pm | Features & Interviews | 3 Comments

Howard Glover’s Pre-2k is a time capsule in the same vein as R.B. Umali’s Revisited series and the San Francisco Greatest Misses compilation, in that it accumulates footage that was left out of video parts and montages throughout the nineties, just before the internet carved out a channel for funneling unused footage to the world so companies could keep keep kids happy and the Slap Message Boards in sweaty, intellectually-stimulating debates regarding outfits and posture.

That’s not to say that Pre-2k is some extended B-grade footage reel, in fact, one of the overall highlights of the video altogether is that it manages to unearth many tricks we had simply heard about or seen photos of over the years, but never actually knew where the footage wound up. Mike Wright’s switch frontside flip into the Courthouse Drop is one of those tricks that everyone always assumed was never landed, back in the era when there were fewer standards (at least in New York) on running photos of failed tricks. But yeah, it’s in there, in all its glory. Brian Anderson’s kickflip back tail bigspin on the Flushing extension from flat is another heard-of-but-never-seen standout entry as well.

This Friday, in the Far-Reaching Depths of Queens

June 2nd, 2010 | 2:22 am | Daily News | 7 Comments

The city of New York is approximately 305 square miles. The island of Manhattan is approximately 23 square miles. The area south of 14th Street is, just maybe, what? One-sixth of that? One-eigth? Well, apparently, things happen in those remaining 282 square miles. Things worth going out to. Things that involve skateboarding.

Normally, I would not have the audacity to advocate venturing out anywhere north of Union Square, but this event is actually worth the trip on the 7 to a remote, primitive part of New York City that’s between the devil and the deep blue sea. It is being held at The Queens Museum of Art on this coming Friday, June 4th, starting at 7:15 P.M. The standout attraction of the Queens Museum of Art is a 9,335 square foot model of New York (yes, it includes those other four boroughs), that was built in 1964 by Robert Moses for the World’s Fair. It has the full city grid on it, and 895,000 individual structures updated up to 1992. Some family that owns some sort of basketball team is holding some contest nobody has ever heard of in Flushing Meadows this coming weekend, and in honor of that event, the panorama is going to be decked out and marked with over one-hundred skate spots found throughout the city, by exact pin-point location. Rodney Torres will be giving a talk on skateboarding in New York to accompany the skateboard-ified version of the panorama.

Following Rodney’s talk, at around 8 p.m., there are going to be several video screenings, the most of which you can gather from the above flyer. The overall highlight would have to be the premiere of Howard Glover’s PRE2K video, which is worth the trip alone.

Aside from that, there’s free Monster Energy Drinks (Marquez co-signed, “That shit has got me through so many miles on the interstate”), free Vitamin Water (sorry alcoholics, no free liquor), and 200 free tickets being given away for the Maloof contest (100 for Saturday, 100 for Sunday.)

The Queens Museum of Art is located just to the right on the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows / Corona Park. Take the 7 to Willet’s Point (is the stop still called Shea Stadium or is that done for?), walk across the wooden platform into the park, head towards the Unisphere, and the rest is self-explantory.

Official Event Page on the Queens Museum of Art Site

Everyone loves the nineties

March 22nd, 2010 | 12:37 am | Daily News | 3 Comments


I received an exciting e-mail in my inbox yesterday from Howard Glover, the man responsible for the Banks and Manhattan clips linked in the previous post:

I’m working hard on a new OG video called “PRE 2K” its all footage from 97′-99′ in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Cali. Heres a trailer I put together. Looking to finish around the middle of May.Footage includes the likes of Rodney Torres, Joey Alvarez, Matt Bell, NA, Brain Wenning, Ian Reid, Ryan Kenreich, Mike Wright, Geo Moya, Maurice Key, Fred Gall, Lennie Kirk, Gary Smith, Charles Lamb, Ronnie Creager, Chad Muska, Ryan Hickey.

The past two clips already had an ensemble of tricks a lot of people had heard of or only seen photographs of, so the promise of a full-length seems promising, especially since the two clips barely had anything from already released videos.

Also, vaguely on the topic of the nineties in that it is an overt homage to one of the most iconic lines in New York City skateboard history, this is absolutely insane. You can’t knock Mars Attacks after that.

Trailer after the jump.