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It was getting depressing have two posts about skate spot demises in a row. Clyde’s image is here to dwell on New York in greater days, before we were all alive, both on an athletic level (let’s not even start on that one in light of the past week), and a skate spot level (probably.)

Going to be bummed on this Ziegfeld thing for a while. A commenter asked for the status of the ramp ledges, and the answer is that they are the only remaining obstacles that are not blocked off. Considering they are there for handicap access, they will probably stay that way due to potential building code violations that could arise from blocking off a handicap ramp with an ugly planter.

Also following up on last week’s abysmal spot forecast, someone included a picture of the Wythe Street Ledge in its last days to accompany the post. If you ever sought to grind a trick over a giant crater in the ground, well, it looks like you may have missed your opportunity.

Grandpa killing it six or seven years ago. The video is…uhh…”artsy,” to say the least. The skating is on point though.

Someone fakie flipped into the Courthouse Drop, and rightfully so, it is on the cover of a magazine. A Canadian one, but a magazine nonetheless. Eli got robbed for a cover on that really high switch flip photo from two years ago. But that’s politics.

There’s a screening of NY Revisited 1 & 2 at Enid’s (560 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) this upcoming Friday (March 25.) 21 and over though. Flyer here. Best of all, it includes a preview of Revisited Volume 3! Seems like all the re-edit love from a few weeks ago sparked the interest in those videos, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Dylan Rieder in the most fashion forward indoor TF clip of all-time. It’s great how Gravis uses only his first name now. “DYLAN.” It’s like “MADONNA” or “PRINCE.” It’s like, he doesn’t need a last name, dude. He’s an entity, bro. An enigma, even.

Despite the fact that The Simpsons haven’t exactly been relevant since maybe the tenth or eleventh season (what are they on? 22 now? 23?), they should really worry about bigger and better things that suing an enterprise like Skate Book for intellectual property violations. Yes, obviously, it is a violation, but are they really caking off millions at Skate Book? Send a C & D, and be done with it. A full-on lawsuit is insane. Having never owned any editions of Skate Book, even though they send me e-mails every month, I should probably get on Amazon and order a few back copies. Best of luck to everyone over there in getting out of this though.

Quote of the Week:I quit.” — Multiple people’s responses after receiving a photo of the newly blocked-off Ziegfeld via MMS

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A Hundred Tacos For a Hundred Bucks

Saturday links and stuff.

In the event that you have grown too accustomed to seeing him cooped up working in Autumn, it is possible to forget that Grandpa is still a very talented skateboarder. If you need a reminder, look no further than this old part. I have been told it is from the “Hot Wax” video. “If I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me.”

Division East uploaded their most recent video, “Tomorrow,” in its entirety up on Vimeo. I initially wanted to review the video for the website, but my contact for the video, the ever-so-reliable Padriac Dowd is a prominent socialite and was unable to get me a copy in time. He’ll probably say it wasn’t his fault. Skate videos have a shelf life of maybe five days in this era, so as much as I would have loved to write some kind words on it, the relevance of a full-review slowly creeped away. Just watch it, it is a good time.

This has nothing to do with skateboarding, but prominent Los Angeles fashion photographer, Alex Olson, started a Tumblr blog in hopes of competing with the Tumblr powerhouses, namely Purple Diary and Terry Richardson.

For all their endless PepsiCo resources, Mountain Dew is incapable of stringing together an Eli Reed clip with a sense of cohesion and quality control (and when you read about quality control on this site, of all places, you know it’s a problem.) This clip on YouTube basically looks like an intern ran a few YouTube links of parts from the past seven years through KeepVid and threw them on an iMovie timeline, however, it is worth watching because you can see a lot of the State of Mind tricks in regular motion. Oddly enough, it is edited to one of the songs I had considered when making the “Grimey Edit” of the part. Consider the Mountain Dew one the Wu-Wear Edit.

Drugs do unfortunate things to people. In this particular case, it brings you to one of those moments where you might not be so happy to admit that you skateboard. “Take that monkey shit off, you embarrassing us!”

Random Acapulco Gold clip fetauring Billy, Leo Gutman, Taji Ameen, and others.

You should check out this interview with the homie from the Chrome Ball Incident if you already haven’t. If you’re not visiting his blog on a daily basis yet, you’re depriving yourself of one of the best skate-related institutions on the internet.

Pre-2K’s final release date is August 28.

Vice’s interview with Peter Sutherland regarding New York, photography, and Full Bleed.

If you haven’t been listening to 1,000 Grams, then you are probably a lot less motivated, and getting a lot less done than you could be. Radric’s Jewelry Collection tape drops on Monday.

Quote of the Week:She was tan, and wearing a white dress. She looked like one of those colonial birds in South Africa before apartheid.” – The G-Man, one of the most endlessly quotable individuals I have ever met.

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Trying to Buy a Lamborghini This Summer

How do you feel about Thando’s homage to you?
Is it a homage to me, or a homage to looking good?

Unlike previous summers, when we’d weave up and down the Northeast and the possibilities for new bad spots and whimsical adventures seemed endless, we’ve been stuck here for the past few months. Partially due to increased unemployment, but largely because of the overall expenses that coincide with the one sketchy place you’ve been renting cars from all these years catching on to the fact that every time they rent to you, they get the car back with an extra 800 miles on the odometer. How exactly the acquisition of a Lamborghini will go is anyone’s guess, but it would widely increase productivity in terms of skateboarding outside of this city, which as you know, is a hotbed of doing nothing in this July/August period of the year. Maybe a Paypal donate button on the side with a long dissertation as to why its a wise investment. Maybe rig a way to make it tax-deductable. Do you think making songs where you copiously repeat that you’re trying to purchase something actually yields an acquisition?

Below is a new clip that features Dennis Feliciano, Isak Buan, Matthew Mooney, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Watermelon Alex, Torey Goodall, Aaron Szott, Negative, Rich, Grandpa, Galen Dekemper.

Vimeo / YouTube / Lambo This Summer – Direct Download [70.3MB / 3:12]

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