Five Favorite Parts With Chris Milic

November 19th, 2015 | 5:00 am | Features & Interviews | 14 Comments

mango cropped

[Cropped] photo by Colin Sussingham

Starting to try and avoid candidates for this series who feel guilty not recommending Sheffey in Soldier’s Story and Gonz in Video Days (no offense y’all) — at least for a few installments. So we’re getting ~weird~.

This one comes from Alex Olson’s favorite skateboarder, Forrest Edward’s OIAM co-star, and Hjalte Halberg’s most accurate impressonator, Chris Mango Milic.

Five Favorite Parts With Chad Muska

October 7th, 2015 | 5:02 am | Features & Interviews | 12 Comments

muska rector street

No idea who took the photo above, sorry. Just pulled it off Tumblr. Any help w/ a credit is appreciated. Photo by Seu Trinh. Thanks commenter :)

Been a while since we ran one of these. This edition comes from a childhood hero of anyone who started skating during Shorty’s post-Fulfill the Dream reign. Muska covers some usual suspects, but luckily goes into a bit more detail as to *why* exactly some of the parts we’re often told are #important, are. Had a ton of fun doing this one. Unfortunately had to leave off the two honorable mentions at the bottom :( before it got way too long, though he was just as enthusiastic about those.

Five Favorite Parts With Hjalte Halberg

July 16th, 2015 | 5:02 am | Features & Interviews | 6 Comments

hjalte schiffer

Chilling with Schiffer.

Keeping the series international for now. The latest installment comes from the reigning titleholder for Quartersnacks Noseslider of the Year — who in all honesty, stands the chance of two-peating even against some tough competition.

Five Favorite Parts With Danny Brady

June 12th, 2015 | 5:05 am | Features & Interviews | 5 Comments

brady back tail

Photo via Hit You Off Management

Figure it’s been a while since we did one of these with a non-American. Here you go.

Five Favorite Parts With Bill Strobeck

April 22nd, 2015 | 9:56 am | Features & Interviews | 8 Comments

bill 5fp by curtis

Photo by Curtis Buchanan

Noticing a trend in these where the transcript word count from filmers/editors is about triple that of the skater ones. So while everyone is proclaiming Propeller to be “the last EVER full-length company video,” remember that there are still tons of guys putting a lot of thought into the nuts and bolts of bringing skate videos to your screen ;)

The latest installment comes from “cherry” creator, Bill Strobeck.