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September 4th, 2010 | 1:41 pm | Video & Remixes | 11 Comments

It’s only the ‘end of summer’ in terms of the cultural calendar, not the scientific one (or the weather-based one.) And this photo has been used around here before. It seems relevant, so it’s being used again.

Hopefully, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves by laying claim to such a lofty title. But we are the only assholes on the internet willing to have an ender on a two-stair (spoiler alert!), so it’s probably true. This one is for the token embittered New Yorkers upset about watching skateboarding on a daily basis that doesn’t involve three-up, three-down or Matthew Mooney this past August. Strangely enough, it might not even be a “real” Quarternacks clip because there is no midtown footage in it. But Soho seems to be the new midtown. Just with a lot more women. Everyone went out of their way to make the filming particularly bad. Anything that’s not filmed terribly is filmed by contributors Justin White, Paulgar, and Jeremy Elkin.

Mandatory warning label: Involves Waka Flocka for 35 seconds (we already apologized for this), NPBS, slow motion (used appropriately of course), Paulgar, and camo pants.

Features Switch Michael Strobert, some idiot in a fur, Matthew Mooney, Black Dave, Kurt Havens, Paulgar, Tyler Tufty, Danny Weiss, Ty Lyons, Dennis Feliciano, Josh Velez, DJ Roctakon, Galen Dekemper, Billy making it rain, Miles Marquez, Geo Moya, Torey Goodall, Kevin Tierney, Pryce Holmes.

Have a safe, and possibly irresponsible long holiday weekend.

Vimeo / YouTube / End of Summer 2010 – Direct Download [45MB / 4:25]

Straight Off the Block With It

August 25th, 2010 | 9:53 pm | Video & Remixes | 14 Comments

Flying to a far off land for a few days. Sitting on a few racks of footage on metal grates in SoHo as well. You know how the end of summer clips go. We blew it last year, because there was none. Everyone was busy wasting money on the westside. You know where. But as the cliché goes this year, it’s just “not the same in 2010.” Our productivity level would happen to agree. (That’s a good thing.)

If the people from Jersey Shore are telling the truth, the summer ends on Labor Day weekend. You can’t wear white sneakers or boat shoes anymore. End of Summer clip dropping Labor Day weekend. Is this a trailer for the new clip? No. It’s just a quick reminder that we still suck. Except the line on the rocks, that’s actually pretty sick, you just need to go there to kind of understand it. It doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

Although already a trending topic, has there even been a song for summer 2010? “B.M.F.” not counting because Ross sucks.

Features Switch Michael Strobert, Alexander Mosley, Josh Velez, Ty Lyons, Geo Moya, Matthew Mooney, Torey Goodall.

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Two “End of Summer” selections embedded after the jump.

The Search For a Summer 2009 Anthem

October 1st, 2009 | 10:21 pm | Video & Remixes | 5 Comments


Remember my prediction? Well, I was right. Burr!

If there’s one thing missing from summer 2009, it is the true presence of an anthem that was drawn from the pool of mainstream acceptance. In 2008, we had “Whatever You Like” and “Lollipop,” which in all their excellence and absurdity have gone down as significant artifacts of summer culture.

This summer, we had a bunch of idiots basing their careers off Kanye West’s scarf collection singing about lonely stoners and Andy Griffith theme songs. Sure, Lady Gaga has become a QS favorite thanks to Switch Mike’s endless rotation of her album while doing 110 miles per hour on the Atlantic City Expressway, but she is disqualified based on the fact that she is not a rapper from the south, and “Surf Party” became a benchmark for black people’s aspirations in reverse irony, but it failed to become a staple of mainstream America, and unfortunately, you will never be able to turn on Z100 and hear it (although I’m sure it will become a Monday and Wednesday nights at Lit classic within a few months.)

Since “Surf Party” will never make its way to oldies stations in 2035 (or whatever incarnation of radio exists then) the same way “Whatever You Like” and “Lollipop” will inevitably become CBS FM classics in years to come, we need to desperately grasp for something that will encompass the entire summer, and be relatable to anyone outside the fifteen to twenty people blasting “Surf Party” outside their cars in New York this summer, or the few heterosexuals that can sincerely say they enjoy Lady Gaga songs.

I am nominating “Wasted.” It was on the radio, and it was ignorant, so it is a win-win. It might not make its way to the oldies category thirty years from now, but it would get pretty close.

Case in point, J.P. Blair put together a clip featuring a bunch of summer ’09 footage to the aforementioned tune (although it is the inferior O.J. the Beverly Hills Chihuahua version).

Features Black Dave, Billy Mcfeely, Richard Quintero, AJ Nagy, Adrian Vega, Jersey Dave, BK, Shaun Webber, Jason Carroll, Sam Cartright, Matt Daniels, Kevin Tierney, Sean Colello, and Brian Clarke.

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Bonus Quote of the Week:These girls are the worst. They go to bars on East Broadway and then get mad when a Rican in an Affliction shirt starts dancing with them.” – DJ Roctakon

Embedded after the jump.

Back to School Special

September 5th, 2008 | 5:31 pm | Video & Remixes | 2 Comments


Although we typically celebrate the end of a season that promotes skating as opposed to the opening of an institution that deters it, before this Young Jeezy album came out, I couldn’t muster up the energy to sit in front of a computer screen, import footage, and put together a clip. Thankfully, this used-to-be-fat-ninja-turtle-look-a-like guy from Atlanta put out another masterwork and it benefited all of us. You can download the summer finale back issues here: End of Summer 2007 and End of Summer 2006.


Asians can skate over fire hydrants too.

Features Ty Lyons, Thando Beschta, Kevin Tierney, DJ Roctakon, Matthew Mooney, Miles Marquez, Switch Michael Strobert with his first substantial amount of footage since summer 2003, and THE BOSS. Contributed filming by Mr. Two-sandwiches-in-one-sitting himself, Brengar.

Living the High Life

August 28th, 2007 | 2:12 am | Video & Remixes | 1 Comment


Told you so. Featuring Ty, Isak, Miles Marquez the (new) king of the scene, Benjamin “I want to quit my job and start skating more” E.T. Nazario, Billy Rohan, J-Jon the Don, Dennis Feliciano, Mooney the Supplier AKA Toad, Thando and Gigliotti the great. Let’s go skate midtown tomorrow night.