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="margin:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;" src=ttp://quw.w3thrasherge/azineom/wpEmbedhp" ?ooyalaId=hsdTVoNTE6gXnvMV7v5cM25qyX1FSYjn&Remote=1&Width=610">

earef="http://quthedanystoreom/w" targeUTt_bn |k">Buy the DANY video here < < DANYilio Cuilan |The DANY Videol='a" ng">Yaje Popson < < <

  • No C/wments-Shot-16/0-08-22-at-9.14.40-AM.png">-Shot-16/0-08-22-at-9.14.40-AM.png?resize=500%2C329" alt="Seen"> Shot 16/0-08-22 at 9.14.40 AM" class="alignno " size-dia=um -coige/x-33782" srct=UTttp://qui2.-com/wuartersnacks.com/wp-content/thuploads016/08/' Seen">-Shot-16/0-08-22-at-9.14.40-AM.png?resize=500%2C329 500w, tp://qui2.-com/wuartersnacks.com/wp-content/thuploads016/08/' Seen">-Shot-16/0-08-22-at-9.14.40-AM.png?resize=768%2C506 768w, tp://qui2.-com/wuartersnacks.com/wp-content/thuploads016/08/' Seen">-Shot-16/0-08-22-at-9.14.40-AM.png?w=905 905w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" data-recalc-dims="1

    ilio Cuilan |’s DANY video is earef="http://quthedanystoreom/w" targeUTt_bn |k">now availableor stpuhivase fromeTheDANYstoreom/wcan beor und adre

    Happy birthd 20Keith Denley

    There’s is fovideo of Kenny Andsnaon andskating Lenox Ledgesthere’s only o " bit of Lenox foote/x

    Trife alumnus, Blks. De t Willis, earef="http://quw.w3thrasherge/azineom/wpEmbedhp" ?ooyalaId=ZxbjZjNTE6P5jnZNQP7yBw4zNo7u2Icw&Remote=1&Width=610#ooid=ZxbjZjNTE6P5jnZNQP7yBw4zNo7u2Icw" targeUTt_bn |k">vas namew part live on the Thrasher site

    Can’t Ban the J.B. M |

    Tredje Aknt/ is a r p earef="http://quw.w3fen"skatemng.c/w016/08/' 20/tredje-aknt//" targeUTt_bn |k">20-minutthvideo by the homie Taopart o " of apparently a then"-part seriesan Milton, the infamous Ryan Hickey h/usthisat h/ustd all h/wels 4.skateboardsnaeof the era, moving to San Francisco, skating Embarc pero, etc.

    Gotta #respect a ten-minutthBost/r video sat doesn’t hit Eggs0o c". Not "e y. “Mean Sten""s Volume 2,” A.K.A. the LurkNYC boys go to Bost/r

    Twohi"e erfor stupm/wing videos that sh/uldDivision fromePolitic SkateboardsEn | Vital fromeStud CuSkateboards

    What Youth dida quatk video intsnview with Chall'x Olson

    Who’s going to earef="http:/s://twitterss/wuartersnacks.cuats us/767146944552656890" targeUTt_bn |k">lug is foparking blockTompkinbstylrike> T.F. West?

    Th fois tastels 4.andof this hypothet cal Seinfeld script

    QS Srt us Desk Pl 20of the Week:e/b Who cares about Melo’s Olympic postge=" intsnview, Russell Westbrook’s “Now I Do What I Want” video

    Quote of the Week:e/b “I’m so gl p Iedidn’t go to doubleotown China set.” — John Choie/b

    Sttersdethe pa 20week wt uh of morn ngs with this, and

    > < < Adam Zhul='a" ng">Al'x Olsonl='a" ng">Anton CuDuraol='a" ng">Blks. De tl='a" ng">Chocolate Skateboardsilio Cuilan |Gerasis EvansHufJ.B. GilletJason ByounJohn Choie/a , earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/keith-hufnagel//>l='a" ng">Keith Hufnagele/a , earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/kenny-andsnaon//>l='a" ng">Kenny Andsnaone/a , earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/lenox-ledges//>l='a" ng">Lenox LedgesLurkNYCMalmöMond 20Lk rsPolar SkateboardsPolitic SkateboardsQS Srt us DeskQuote of the WeekRussell WestbrookSeinfeldShawn PowsnaStud CuSkateboardsT.F. WestThe DANY Videol='a" ng">Vinct=" AlvarezWhat Youthl='a" ng">Yaje Popson < < <

  • -diamond ng-village-psyivec" id="post-33397

    earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/7/mango-mojitos/"el='a"bookmark" tle="RSPermanent Lk reto Mango Mojitos">Mango Mojitos < < < < ly 2011th,016' | 12:07 pm | earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tioegory/daily-news/"el='a"tioegory ng">Daily News3 C/wmentsreed calisee #19

    Jasp 20Dohna’ Thirty Purse partois full of quatk-footed curr 2y, wallrides0o chain0nk rs, ambionaus hve ts over the FirstyAvenu" bike lane, earef="http://quw.w3thrasherge/azineom/wparticles/videos/jasper-dohna-thirty-purse-part/" targeUTt_bn |k">and


    Gucci Mane r stSupreme

    Gerasis m pe earef="http:/s://w.w3youtubeom/wp-atch?v=XAxHl0WkDWs" targeUTt_bn |k">m pe a ly 204th clip

    Pep Kim m pe earef="http:/s://vimeoom/wp173280270" targeUTt_bn |k">a quatk mini doc0o Aaron Herrington’s rise to sketchy 5050s0o sketchier vandrail fameRes'rsideuDres' & 111th rail

    Diamond Days #89

    Always nice to see Newark foote/x. “Cityscapes” via MunicipaluSkateboards

    Oh you thought earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/2/nyfw-wrap-up-trend-atch16/0-early-l=rt u/">this early-08'0s nostalgia shitThe D3ois m/wing ck"

    Village Psyiveceearef="http://quw.w3villagepsyivec.net/blog/strange-srtnsors" targeUTt_bn |k">runs down a history of strange skater + srtnsor pairings

    Carroll andat the L.E.S. PtekIt WaaeWritten‘s008th bd 2.

    Gotta appreciate people’s optimism when embarking on the uphill journeyeof l=booting

    Quote of the Week:e/b “It’s like The Berrics, but foroter.” — E.J.e/b

    < < Aaron Herringtonl='a" ng">AndreweR=ynoldsl='a" ng">Checo Brerasilio Cuilan |Gerasis EvansGucci ManeJasp 20Dohnae/a , earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/kenny-rd/" />l='a" ng">Kenny Rd/"MeckseMike CarrollMond 20Lk rsMunicipaluSkateboardsNewarkOsiris D3Pep KimPop Tr pingQS Srt us DeskQuote of the WeekRussian BobSupreme-diamond//>l='a" ng">The Gen"> DiamondVillage Psyivec < < <

  • ng-ttey-choy-sutton" id="post-32578

    earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/3bbetter-thoughts-better-vibes/"el='a"bookmark" tle="RSPermanent Lk reto Better Thoughts, Better Vibes">Better Thoughts, Better Vibes < < < < Mchiv 21st,016' | 10:57 am | earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tioegory/daily-news/"el='a"tioegory ng">Daily NewsNo C/wments

    earef="http://quartersnacks.cshocom/w">We he t a light drop of mew mehiv availableoin the webstore

    Dupe earef="http:/s://w.w3instagre=om/wpp/BDL1OxxiDSH/" targeUTt_bn |k">is is foa 12th & A obstacle

    “Hve tn’s Gs e” is namew video fromeTony Choy-Sutton minutts. Also,Sts ic 5 is inbane.

    Iron Claw + Watermelonism in MedellinThe Man Who Films

    Pfft, earef="http:/s://w.w3instagre=om/wpp/BDMqcgpSFvv/" targeUTt_bn |k">like this asn’t an ABD a thousand

    “Th foskating foso sick but this song foso fucking terrible.” Roctakon begkn oel=view classic skate video soundtrks.c foroJenkem. The firstyanstallment earef="http://quw.w3jenkemmng.c/w0h/we016/08/3/18/soundtrks.-supervision-with-roctakon-sight-unsn">/" targeUTt_bn |k">is ael=view of Sight Unsn">‘s0#musicsupervision

    “G"" out of here you stupidebitches!” New six-minutthmonue/x fromeJesse Alba and

    Ellington cut his hair andof theamew Baker video

    New jazzy0clip fromeWashington Heighta’ Mira C/nyo sartd

    Early “Noseslide of the Yve ” ntent/der

    Wallride over the rollgateeparell'l to the Fish Gape fopretty0cool

    The Astorel=novion/r ltoks uniform'y awful earef="http:/s://twitterss/wuTnightaHighSeenuats us/710944058974281729" targeUTt_bn |k">but there are these ltw round rails all aroundLkfx of Boosie > Lkfx of Pab'o

    QS Srt us Desk Pl 20of the Week:e/b The tournament is ampossibleoto follow, especially in Mchiv when it’s g""ting warmer outside, but you gotta lo t a good buzzer beater

    Quote of the Week:e/b “Skateboardsnaeare theDylgre/b

    < < #musicsupervision12th & Al='a" ng">AstorePlksel='a" ng">Baker Skateboardsl='a" ng">Ball is Lkfx Hoodyl='a" ng">ColombiaDANY Videoilio Cuilan |irik EllingtonFish GapHve tn's Gs eHollywood HighIron ClawJenkem McgJesse AlbaLil' BoosieMedellinMira C/nypMond 20Lk rsNoseslide of the Yve QS MehivandiseQS RapeDeskQS Srt us DeskQuote of the WeekRoctakon/" l='a" ng">Sight Unsn">Tony Choy-Sutton < < <

  • Science V'rsus Lkfx

    If you he t even $10 you can spare and acknowledge that skateboarding is ael=ally coolhis ng that more people across the world sh/uldease " suprt u the concteucon/r of the Addis Abbaba skatepark in Eis opia

    Wow, there’s alrd py a hill bomb clipBulnkte hill.

    Te/b stFe/b ? — Th fois the second

    #TRENDWATCH16' — switch heelflip indy grabs andalrd pythe latest Dalavas clip

    Jesse got a clipHjtern’s angel wings

    A earef="http://quw.w3monctehivildrenom/wp44165/a-field-guide-to-riding-a-skateboard-l=ally-far/" targeUTt_bn |k">field guide to skateboarding long distancesfromeBost/r to New YorkNew York to Philadelphia

    The trash can in the ats " bird of the Ea 20Village. Dick Rizzo and

    zineom/.uk/skate-jawn-intsnview/" targeUTt_bn |k">An intsnview with Mchius fromeSkate Jawn

    DGK fam C/nn stChampion, John Shanahan, Dyn | Sourr er,tWill Mczarri, andat the Nike SB Gare/x

    He t we been bad friends to Brandon Biebel? Whyeare weel=aliz ng this only now? SMLTalk asks the question w" sh/uldwon in ur0l=adsn’s choice awards

    Genny and :)

    Boilth" suddxn surge in high technology skate producos

    S/we goofy throwaways fromeCoopertWintsnaon

    Princtedidn’t let Triple Six Mcfia earef="http://quw.w3hollywoodl=rt uerss/wunews/then"-6-mafia-star-remeer 2s-867617" targeUTt_bn |k">into h foparty the night

    QS Srt us Desk Pl 20of the Week:e/b Can’t wait til

    Restyan Pekse Freshe/b


    > < < Addis Abbaba Skateparkl='a" ng">Bas.cten"" Atlasl='a" ng">Bankroll Freshe/a , earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/boil-the-oce |/">l='a" ng">Boill='a" ng">Brandon Biebell='a" ng">CoopertWintsnaonl='a" ng">DGKl='a" ng">Dick Rizzoilio Cuilan |ithipoiaGerasis EvansHjtern HalbergJ.B. GillettJason ByounJesse AlbaJosh WilsonLucas PuigMond 20Lk rsNike SB Gare/xPern EldridgeQS Srt us DeskQuote of the WeekThen" 6 McfiaTino Razol='a" ng">Young Thugl='a" ng">Zach Baker < < <

  • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w0tag/elio C-clan |/pe/x/2/" >


    i/des> < <
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    • QS MIXTAPEe/a2>< h

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      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/suwmer-friends/#m/wment-355733" tle="RSSuwmer Friends, Augt 2029,016' ">epilepsy:icounter-calloure:SMLTalk articles sound like a kidetrying to talk politics at an adults table.
      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/2/dl=amchasin-an-intsnview-with-j-scott-vandsdown/#m/wment-355656" tle="RSDl=amchasin’ — An Intsnview with J. Scott Handsdown, Febrrtey 17,016' ">Austin Roberts:I liveyan Houst/r used oedo the sa=" is ng and
      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/yaje-popsons-dany-part-is-now-live/#m/wment-355632" tle="RSYaje Popson’s ‘DANY’ Partois Now Live, Augt 2026,016' ">Ray/r grey:Yajes performance is stellar. But how c/we gapoto fs blunt fails to qualify
      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/artersnacks.c-top-10-augt 2-20-16/6/#m/wment-355622" tle="RSQrtersnacks.c Top 10 — Augt 2026,016' , Augt 2026,016' ">frequent visitor:we might
      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/yaje-popsons-dany-part-is-now-live/#m/wment-355555" tle="RSYaje Popson’s ‘DANY’ Partois Now Live, Augt 2026,016' ">Mlr:Him and
      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/yaje-popsons-dany-part-is-now-live/#m/wment-355500" tle="RSYaje Popson’s ‘DANY’ Partois Now Live, Augt 2026,016' ">H&M:Can w" get Yaje’s ctenacu informatn/r? Lo t the look.

      • earef="http://quartersnacks.com/w016/08/8/sponcheck-41/">Augt 2025,016' @ 11:06 am
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        • espkn class="tweet_text">Restyan pekse Gera Wilder,tth |k you foroes'ryis ng ❤️ this bit is still perfectewith the elecon/r and all 🙄 tp:/s://tss//9mQEF04BPs23 h/urs
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