Diamond Plated Edition

February 16th, 2011 | 3:12 pm | Video & Remixes | 4 Comments

Several months ago, the G Man spoke of an insane endeavor, in which he intended to film a video part exclusively on Crosby Street. Disregarding it as some sort of new age, alcohol-inspired pursuit at bringing notions of “abstract spots” to absurd new heights, I forgot about it. That is, until I actually noticed that an inordinate amount of footage from Crosby Street and it’s outlying areas of easy-to-skate-but-still-cool-looking spots had made its way to this website over the past year. The surge in skating this neighborhood probably correlates to this website’s roster becoming more fashionable in recent years, requiring a cobble-stoned proving ground best-suited for landing yourself in a Sartorialist post (or on Quartersnacks, its distant skateboard-related relative), and perhaps even meet an ambush of eggs, water, Heineken bottles, or paintballs (yes, rich people shoot paintballs apparently) from silk robe wearing residents disgruntled at their massive rent seeming less worthwhile when they hear your wheels raging across their diamond plated front steps.

This has been sitting around on a boredom-fueled Final Cut timeline for a couple weeks, so I figured it would make sense to throw it up on the site, even though it is practically all recycled footage. February isn’t exactly a month known for acquiring a ton of skate footage in New York, so recycled stuff that is thematically re-edited is the best we can do for now. After all, it is fashion week, and what’s more fashionable than an all SoHo skate clip?

As a bonus, the geographic restrictions on this clip are so intense, that the classic Quartersnacks spot-that-isn’t-a-spot, the Crosby Garage, was left out because it is north of Houston Street. Dedicated to the G Man and his endless dedication in skating ridiculous spots amidst the most fashionable area in Manhattan.

Three Up, Three Down

August 15th, 2010 | 11:30 am | Video & Remixes | 23 Comments

Theotis Beasley – Backside Flip at the Wall Street Gap – Photos by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

The crew got a bit bigger, so it became necessary to make a round of stops on the Downtown circuit, the one with all the name brand spots that people fly here from all over the world for, only to find themselves terribly disappointed. The Chinatown Double-Set yielded a crew of non-skate-friendly Red China supporters, you get kicked out of the Courthouse pretty quickly these days (probably because companies started bribing the security there into being more aggressive with kick outs, in hopes of diminishing one-up possibilities of prominent two-page spread advertisements), it’s always good to stop by Black Hubba and remind yourself that the stairs there are actually pretty decent as well, and the C.I.A. Ledge has gotten the official, Barcelonian seal of approval as “The Best Ledge in New York.”

If you follow this site, you’ll notice that we pretty much skate none of these spots. Partially because they are in immense physical commitment, part because they’re boring unless the right people skate them, and also because when you pass by something every weekend for ten years, you start to get kind of bummed on it, and want to demand your “space.” It’s the sort of thing that marriages fall apart over after seemingly going so well. C.I.A. Ledge, of course, is the main exception to this statement though.

To bring the footage in these clips down to the QS level, we had to skate some routine QS spots. Places that nobody in their right mind ever bothers stopping at, like the Fat Alberts Ledge, that stupid highway divider to hill in the last QS clip, or the beloved three-up three-down. Apparently, there is an Eastern European patrol man there now that intended on making it in the UFC, but took a wrong turn and wound up in the Parks Department.

Clip and additional photos embedded after the jump. Had to take a page from the book of World Star for the branding, which might become a common practice due to goons (probably also in Eastern Europe) pulling jack-moves on the clips. If we’re trying to become the World Star of skateboarding, we’re going to have to take more cues from their practices.